Class struggle – key to liberation


Now that I’ve read The Communist Manifesto & learned more about what Socialism is, I feel more comfortable in sharing this post & calling myself a Socialist.

I share this because I believe Socialism is a concept people need to learn more about (particularly with the way the world currently is) & I feel posts like this can serve as a good intro to what Socialism is about. I want people to know that there is a better alternative way to run society if we are willing to understand & fight for it.

I know how intimidating topics like Socialism & Capitalism can be, but I encourage people to read this. It is a long post but it’s informative & fairly straightforward. At least it gives a New Zealand perspective of the topic.

Some term explanations:
* Marxism – a political & economic philosophy developed by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels that is the basis for virtually all Socialist & Communist movements (this post explains some key points of that philosophy as it applies today).
* Aotearoa – Maori term for New Zealand
* Pākehā – Maori term for “white New Zealander”

International Socialists

auckland-health-workers-strike Auckland health workers strike 2015. Photo: RNZ

Shomi Yoon gave this talk to the International Socialism Day School, Newtown, Wellington, last month.

It seems obvious that we need to understand the world in order to change it. Socialist strategy and tactics for liberation is not only about the downfall of capitalism but also for genuine liberation for all.

A Marxist understanding of class and understanding that this is the central divide in society is crucial. But more than this, it’s the working class that can transform society for genuine liberation. I want to contest the idea that putting class at the centre of our analysis means that other forms of oppression are secondary in importance to class – far from it – it provides a concrete analysis of where the oppression comes from and how we can overcome it.

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