Window Questions


Hello, this post stems from a random thought I had yesterday. I felt the need to put up a series of questions in front of my house. I haven’t put them up yet, but this is the list I have so far:

What is your story?

What does your life say about you & what you value?

What decides your life?

If you died now, how would you feel about your life?

Should shame, fear, hatred, & sadness be standards you live your life by?

What defines truth?

What is reality beyond your senses & the messages you have been told?

What meaning is there to find in a world where none is given?

What defines morality?

What insight can the worst of us offer that the best cannot?

What makes the outsider evil? Why must they be that way?

What perspectives have you not considered?

To what point & purpose do your thoughts & beliefs serve?

What are you ignorant of?

What purpose does ignorance serve?

Why obey rather than question?

What gives leaders their power?

What is worth destroying the world?

Why obey a system that brings more suffering then good?

When does profit become more important than anything else?

How many idiots here think?

Are these questions a bit much?

Submit your answers to our letterbox

The questions I came up with are meant to be thought provoking, with the intention of encouraging critical thinking. The last few lines are meant to be more tongue-in-cheek, though part of me would like to receive mail from random people giving their answers.

For that matter, I’d be curious to see how people reading this post would answer these questions as well. I’d also like to hear any other suggestions for thought provoking questions.

If you’re looking for some explanation, read on.

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I’m flatting with five others in a former dairy. The front of our house is all window panels looking into the large living room with a bus stop right at the door (our curtains are virtually always closed since we don’t want prying eyes looking at us constantly).

Within a few months of living here, we decided to decorate the windows with random images. There’s six panels meaning we get one panel each. If you walked past our flat today you’ll see that most panels are filled with goofy screenshots from random anime, games, & visual novels; two panels are purely manga scans (our flat’s way of showing culture to the world). A panel had been reserved for me but I never knew what to put up there (hasn’t stopped my flatmates from adding a few images there).

It’s something that slipped my mind for most of the year until yesterday. Essentially, I woke up with the random realization that I’d rather pose people questions then some arbitrary images.

Again, I’d love to hear any answers or suggestions for the questions above. If you feel up for it, by all means leave a comment.

Happy Guy Fawkes.

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