Decided to DM



I don’t have anything planned for this week so I’ll keep this short. This is partially because it’s the Easter weekend but more because I spontaneously said I’d be the Dungeon Master for my flat last weekend. Since then I’ve been brainstorming almost constantly about what the campaign would be & I had a practice session on Friday.

Dungeon Mastering is something I have been wanting to try doing for a while. I have played the DM for a boardgame version of D&D but not for any pen & paper games. Virtually everything about the role of DM appeals to me: coming up with fantasy settings & scenarios, cooperatively forming a story with the players, playing around with the rules to suit the situation, & perhaps most importantly getting to see what ideas work directly. If it was a full time job I would gladly do it. I still don’t know much about the rules but somehow I knew enough to pull off a decent short adventure.

Perhaps after a couple more practice sessions I’ll be comfortable enough to start a proper campaign. I’ve already got a lot of ideas I want to try out – should be fun.

The way I see it, this definitely counts as progress towards game development, at least in a skill-based sense; I might even turn a campaign into a game some day. But, to prove I’ve been doing some proper progress, here is a screen shot of a tilemap I coded.

Not much but it's something.

Not much but it’s something.

This is seems to be the thing I keep making when I return to coding, perhaps because it’s easy to setup & demonstrate, & because I keep not knowing what feature to try next. I might (very slowly) work my way towards getting that alien critter idea together, but we’ll see. I really do need to get myself into the flow of it.

Farewell & happy Easter.

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