Closing 2015 + Reflection


Hello, I’m on leave, & I’m back in Te Anau where I’m free to be as lazy as I want to be – until I return home & immediately start moving. Its great to be somewhere I don’t need to do things.

I’m looking forward to the move. Not only will I be in a nicer neighbourhood & in a roomier flat that used to be a convenience store, I’ll be around mostly different people. I’ll go from flatmates that largely favoured music to flatmates that have more academic, gamer, geeky interests. People that are more like me I guess, even though I love music as well. I’ll also be a couple blocks away from the public gardens (yay nature). It’ll be a nice change of scene for me.

This seems to have been the year where I finally started to find my feet. I’ve changed a lot over the past year mentally & personally.

At the start of the year I was unemployed, & definitely more negative than I was now. Before the halfway point of this year I had worked again on overcoming this (properly this time) & I had a realization that changed my perspective on myself. Months later a job came my way & I soon worked on changing myself again – this time on my confidence. Now the ‘energy’ around me is different to what it was months ago. I still technically haven’t finished the book I’m using (“Instant Confidence”) so there’s still a bit more to go before I properly complete this one.

Overall, things have become more positive. I feel I’ve actually succeeded in undoing what I was afraid would happen to me after I graduated – that my negativity would dominate my life. These days there’s barely a hint of it; I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel this way.

As for the next step with life, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been thinking about working towards finally getting an IT job somewhere like Wellington, but I don’t want to start thinking about this until after I’ve settled into my new flat. Given my lease is currently one year & my managers are talking about changing me to a permanent role, I think I’ll still be in Dunedin for most of this year at least.

Otherwise, keep going with this blog & game development. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere more than my stupidly simple shooter by the end of the year. I still want to write about some (mostly) non-game dev things, so there’s probably going to be a mix of things for the next month or so. I’ve even been coming up with some DnD characters that part of me wants to share here.

As a final point, I’ve lately been realizing that you need to retain a sort of youthful side to life; or rather, retain a sense of play & wonder about life & the world. If you don’t then life becomes dull, you’re no longer having fun, & all you have is the same routine over & over again. Be willing to try things out. Don’t be afraid of looking or acting goofy or like an idiot. Don’t let excuses stop you from doing what you like to do (do I need to say any more clichΓ©, yet true, pieces of advice). That isn’t to say you shouldn’t take things seriously when needed, I’ve just found that taking trivial things more personally or seriously can really drain life.

That’ll be it from me. If you don’t hear from me in over a week it’s likely because I don’t have access to the internet; or moving/leave has put me in a lazy mood :P. Till then, looking forward to the new year.


4 thoughts on “Closing 2015 + Reflection

  1. happy new year πŸ™‚ I think those roommates are probably gonna do really good to you πŸ˜€ yeah it sounds weird to say it like this, but I remember that I was quite faszinated by how more academic oriented people are thinking when I started studying and it felt like I belong there somehow, because people were actually interested in learning! Conversations were not about soccer or having to socialize all the time πŸ˜€ well maybe it was also the very specific study I was in, but I learned alot about myself during those years at university and the changed environment was one part of it πŸ™‚

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