Back From Tauranga (with little time)


Hello, I’m back home after having spent much of the week in Tauranga on a business trip. I don’t want to spend too long on doing a post this weekend as my time-frame for sorting out next year’s flat & whatnot is shorter than expected. So I’m just going to rant a bit about the trip, what I liked & didn’t like.

I liked travelling. I liked seeing the clouds from above. I liked going to a new city I’d never been to before (even if it was surprisingly packed with people & had way too many roundabouts). I liked that the business forum took place at an aircraft museum. I liked staying in my own motel room. I even enjoyed waiting an hour alone in an airport for the next part of my flight.

I liked the trip, but not the business side. Every morning I had to be up & ready by 7am to be taken out for breakfast then onto work. The days would end with a social-work dinner type thing, which I kinda stayed mostly silent for. Aside from that, I sat in for one afternoon of the meeting/forum where the power station team leaders discussed business decisions back & forth (in my case about the system my team is working on). I was mostly there to show that my role was to make things easier on them, not to complicate things.

It’s cool having meals & other things paid for, but I’m also a major introvert. I would’ve liked to have some time to explore the town away from all this but I didn’t get much of a chance.

The people weren’t bad. If anything they all seemed to be down to earth ‘blokes’. Its just that they’re not really my crowd (also, given that I’m the new guy surrounded by ‘more important’ people, I didn’t want to do anything embarrassing, like getting too drunk).

I’m a guy in my early twenties who favours creative, nerdy, thought provoking, & imaginative things. The people I was around were 30+ year old engineers & business men (most were in the 40s-60s range). They talked about things like power station equipment, financial gains, home renovations, & other things my mind hasn’t bothered to record. I don’t typically hang around these kinds of people.

It wasn’t entirely dull though. I was eventually able to come up with the odd question for people – mostly to do with how they got to where they are or about family.

I actually got to hear some interesting things this way. For instance, one of the major team leaders has a grandniece who was born this year with a portion of her digestive tract missing, meaning she couldn’t absorb food properly (from what he told me, this has been fixed & she seems to be doing fine now). Another is from the taxi driver who drove me home. He used to own a restaurant in Te Anau where the local supermarket is. Now he drives taxis to support his wife (who works as a teacher) & children. Interesting that I remember these things more than anything else people told during the trip.

Okay, rant over.

To give an idea of how little time I have, I have my last three days of work this week then I’m heading off to Te Anau on Christmas eve. I’ll be there till probably new year’s eve & that’s roughly when I’m moving flat. I’ve got the lease signed but there’s still other stuff; like how to move all my crap there & getting internet so I can still do blog stuff there. I thought I had more time – ugh.

Farewell & happy Christmas.

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