Surprise Game!


Hello, I decided to make the most stupidly simple top-down shooter I could think of.

You play as a white cube in a small room. You can’t move but you can aim & shoot a green projectile using your mouse. Very soon red cubes spawn in & quickly charge you; when they touch you its game over. That’s pretty much it.

Taking good screenshots of this game is tough.

Taking good screenshots of this game is tough.

I started this last weekend with the intent of making it in an afternoon though I wasn’t able to finish until today. Software development is never as simple as you think it is.

I mainly did this just to prove to myself that I still got it – that I can make games even if they’re stupidly simple. I also wanted to get a more realistic idea of just what I can do in a weekend. The idea of making tiny games on a weekly basis has been floating around my head for while, though I think this might be a bit much for me. I might try monthly goals instead.

Game over (I love seeing the red cubes bunch up at the end, especially the first guy doing a victory spin).

Game over (I love seeing the red cubes bunch up at the end, especially the first guy doing a victory spin).

I’m realizing now that maybe this is the better way to start out making games. Instead of having large projects, just make prototypes focusing on a single mechanic or idea. It allows you to try things out rather quickly & you can use them as stepping stones towards larger projects.

Download links:

Please let me know if there’s any issues downloading or playing this game; I literally built this a couple hours before posting this (also thank you for trying it out if you do).


2 thoughts on “Surprise Game!

  1. I like it; it’s simple but fun! The fact I needed to have quick reactions to hit the red cubes made it quite enjoyable.

    My approach to making games usually involves some sort of theme that restricts my ideas and allows more of my creativity to flow – that’s why I enter so many game jams. Working on one game for a short while and then switching to an entirely new project is a really good way to train yourself at bringing ideas to life quickly, then when the time comes for you to make a larger-scale game, it should come naturally.

    Just make what you think is possible and don’t push yourself too hard – I’ve done that plenty before and it makes game-making a whole lot less fun. Good luck with whatever you decide to make next, and I look forward to playing it!

    • Hmm… I should probably try out themes at some point but not yet; I’d like to get a couple more tiny games under my belt first.

      I’m definitely guilty of scoping above my current abilities & it sucks when you find yourself doing that over & over again. Its nice to actually finish an idea for once.

      Thank you for playing 🙂

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