5-Minute Daily Confidence Workout


(Note: This post contains an excerpt from the book “Instant Confidence” by Paul McKenna. If the owners, publishers, etc, of this book want this post removed please tell me & I’ll do so.)

Hello, this is the second technique I want to share (this is the last one as I’d like to get back to focusing on game projects & what not). The principle of this is ‘you become what you practice’, & by practising this you’ll become more naturally confident.

You’ll need a mirror & something to write on. I would recommend taking your time to get the hang of this technique before trying to do it in five minutes. There’s also no cool down period so you can do this as often as you please :).

Here it is, straight from the book:

Minute One: Success Highlight Films

Take a minute to run through the Success Highlight Film exercise you first practised in chapter five [see this post]. You can use the exercise to think about any success you have experienced in the past or look forward to experiencing in the future. Remember to juice up your memories by using bright colours & big, bold, moving images!

Minute Two: The Mirror

  1. Stand in front of a mirror & close your eyes.
  2. Think about someone who loves you & imagine viewing yourself through their eyes.
  3. When you are ready, open your eyes & look into the mirror. Allow yourself to really see yourself through the eyes of someone who totally loves you.

Minute Three: Compliment Yourself

Still looking in the mirror, use your confident internal voice to compliment yourself over & over again for a full minute. If you find this difficult, it is even more important for you. Remember, you are changing your energy so that you will attract more of what you want into your life.

Minute Four: Push the Confidence Switch

  1. Remember a time when you felt really, really confident. Fully return to it now – see what you saw, hear what you heard & feel how good you felt. (If you can’t remember a time, imagine how much better your life would be if you were totally confident – if you had all the power, strength & self-belief you could ever need!)
  2. As you keep going through this memory, make the colours brighter & richer, the sounds louder, & the feelings stronger.
  3. As you feel these good feelings, squeeze your thumb & middle finger of either hand together.
  4. Still holding your thumb & finger together, think about a situation coming up in the next 24 hours during which you want to feel more confident. Imagine things going perfectly, going exactly the way you want them to go. See what you’ll see, hear what you’ll hear & feel how good it feels!

Minute Five: Confidence In Action

  1. Take a minute to write down any inspired actions that came up for you as you went through this workout.
  2. Choose at least one of them that feels like a little bit of a risk to take in the next 24 hours!

I must confess I haven’t been doing this daily (I’ve done this about five times in the past week) so my results so far are more skewed than what I imagine you’d get from doing this daily.

At first this didn’t really do much but I think I’m starting to see the benefits of it. The one’s with the mirror felt kind of weird but I got used to them pretty soon. I did have difficulty generating feelings of success/confidence/etc but I’m starting to get it now. I guess practise is key here.

I do still have trouble with the last point though, mainly because I can’t really think of anything ‘risky’ I would want to do. Hmm…

Actually, I’m wondering how many of the people reading this play online games, or are part of online gaming communities? I’ve never been much for MMOs (I’ve always been a ‘single-player’) but part of me would like to try one out. I’ve generally stayed away from MMOs simply because I don’t want to be trolled or grieved by anyone, but there’s got to be some decent people playing them right. Preferably an open world RPG with interesting quests & plenty to explore. Mod capabilities would be a great plus also :). Anyone got any suggestions?

Lastly, if you’re having trouble coming up with compliments for yourself, here’s a true one you can use – it’s awesome that you’re taking the time to change your mind for the better, well done!


4 thoughts on “5-Minute Daily Confidence Workout

  1. sohaibjk

    Hey, great article. I have a different set of methods that I am going to write soon on this as well and was just browsing around for information. Yours stood out and I just wanted to say, keep doing what you’re doing.

    Check out my blog tomorrow and it’ll be done.

    I used to play MMOs and aspired to play them constantly. MapleStory was my childhood and it influenced my life greatly. In good ways and bad. Thank goodness I got tired of it or else I would have never been able to write. Please do not start, when you do, you don’t stop.

    • Thank you. I’d like to reiterate that this isn’t something I’ve come up with, I’m just passing on a bit of knowledge for others to utilize. I’ll keep an eye out for your post.

      I’m well aware of how addicting MMOs can be; it’s another reason why I’ve avoided them. Besides, I barely allow myself the time to get lost playing games these days due to real-life commitments & lack of time (if anything I spend more time watching playthroughs & nitpicking the games I do play 😛 ). I figure it would be a fun excuse to try out more games while meeting real people for a change.

      • sohaibjk

        Sorry I didn’t post an update, ran into something. I’m probably going to post this weekend instead, if not, earlier.

        I hope that you get more time to do what you want sooner or later. I’m pretty much in the same situation and I’m trying to get out of it.

        Best of luck!

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