Success Highlight Movies


(Note: This post contains an excerpt from the book “Instant Confidence” by Paul McKenna. If the owners, publishers, etc, of this book want this post removed please tell me & I’ll do so.)

Hello, I’d like to share a visualization technique from a self-help book I’m rereading at the moment. The idea here is that we are continuously, unconsciously, making “mind movies” that determine our mood & subsequent behaviour. The nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real & imagined experience, so you can use this to help boost your natural confidence & other traits if you think about the right things.

I was thinking of posting a different technique but this one is needed for an arguably more important technique I’ll post next time. I don’t want to rip too much from this book anyway; it would be better to get your own copy of the book if you want to know more.

Here it is:

Read through the exercise before you do it the first time…

  1. I’d like you [to] imagine right now that you are watching a movie about a future, more successful you. Notice every detail of how that future you looks – the expression on your face, the way you are holding your body & the light in your eyes.
  2. As the movie plays out on the screen in front of you, you will see many moments of success from your past & others which have not yet happened. Sit back & enjoy the show!
  3. When you’re ready, I’d like you to float out of your seat & into that successful you up on the screen. See through their eyes, hear through their ears & feel the feelings of your successful self. Make the colours brighter, the sounds louder & the feelings stronger.
  4. Notice where that feeling of success is strongest in your body & give it a colour. Now move that colour up to the top of your head & down to the tip of your toes, doubling the brightness & doubling it again.
  5. Float back into your present moment self, being sure to keep as much of the feeling of natural confidence & success as feels truly wonderful.

You can also play uplifting, epic, music during this to increase the feeling 🙂

For me, doing this technique does make me feel more confident, or at least happier, but I do have trouble imagining my “successful future”. As someone who wants to make games for a living, I have thought of myself being at GDC or E3 but it feels like I’m focusing on the wrong thing. Being in a studio with creative people feels better to me.

Hope this helps.


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