RM Hack’n Slash – Prototyping 2


Hello, short semi-rushed update this time. I’ve made the changes to attributes from before & setup the new attack formula in my prototype.

I haven’t put much time into playtesting this week so my results are limited. I’ve had other things pop up, like Labour weekend right now & my 23rd birthday a few days ago.

My design goals/notes for combat are:

  • Tactical & dangerous.
  • Encounters should typically be less than five turns. Two-three turns is a good average.
  • Most enemies can kill PCs in a few hits, but smart play should minimize this.
  • Ability use is highly important.
  • Equipment is also important, but the right use of abilities should make up for any shortfalls.
Combat on second turn (first skeleton dead).

Combat on second turn (first skeleton dead).

It’s too early to say but, the prototype “feels good?”. The new attributes & statistics seem to be playing out the way I want them to though there are several things I’m picking out. It’s hard to tell when I haven’t implemented any abilities yet; all the player can really do is attack & guard so far.

I did take a look at equipment load, with a focus on the two typical extremes of physical armour use:

  • Light armour – use armour that has the least effect on agility. This means PCs can use their abilities at normal speed but the low endurance makes damage received higher & more variable. Quick but risky.
  • Heavy armour – use armour with the highest endurance. Means PCs can survive an extra hit or two but high armour lowers agility, making them slower & more likely to be attacked first. Slow but easier to calculate.

Playtesting seems to show that heavier armour doesn’t do enough to reduce damage for the agility it costs. I was thinking of lowering light armour but now I’m thinking its better to increase heavier armour. A design rule I’ve been going with for armour is that the total endurance/aura of a character should never be more than 50%, this is to keep characters relatively vulnerable even while armoured; though I’m thinking of increasing this, maybe by ten.

This is a very ‘as I write’ update so expect me to change my mind later.

Next: Prototype further, get the numbers right.


2 thoughts on “RM Hack’n Slash – Prototyping 2

  1. Whoa, cool, this brings back memories! I messed around with RPG Maker ages ago. I’m sure a lot has changed/improved since then. I remember it being a lot of work but also quite enjoyable.

    It’s definitely tricky to find the right balance for all these different stats. It takes a lot of testing, but that’s part of the fun, too. Best of luck!

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