September Life Update


Hello, I’ve survived my first week of full-time work.

The job so far has been pretty cruisey. I seem to be picking it up rather quickly, though I’m obviously still figuring things out. I can see how it can get dull; I am essentially looking for & entering data all day. At least I can listen to music, wear my normal clothes, & have lunch away from the work place.

However, this post is less about the job itself & more about what it affects – time.

Over a week ago I was quite free with my time, but now I have to be very conscious of it. I used to go to bed after midnight daily, but now I need to be asleep by then to get some decent rest. I can’t put the same time into my projects as before, cooking & flat chores eat away at my evenings, & it’s harder to find the time for friends since their own schedules are out of sync with mine.

These feel like minor complaints though since time is the only thing I can complain about. Yes I have way less time per week to do what I want to do, but without this job where would I end up. What would WINZ have done with me when my brokers ran out of time (which would have been about now I think). I know I’m quite lucky with how things turned out.

Actually the time constraint seems to be getting me to do things faster (in terms of chores). The shift in perspective almost makes my unemployment days feel slow & lazy.

I was expecting to end my work days feeling drained. Yet, after about eight hours of work, it’s more of a mental fatigue if anything. Now that I think about it, it’s probably closer to when you finish school for the day. Compare that with night-fill where, after a five hour shift of being on my feet lifting & packing several dozen boxes full of 1.5 litre fizz, I’d feel a mix of physical exertion & jarred tiredness since my day ended at dawn.

Speaking of night-fill, I encountered my former floor manager during a lunch break (the office is only a few blocks away from the supermarket I worked at). We chatted briefly & it was interesting to hear how things had changed from a year ago. The night-fill team had been cut down, so everyone I worked with had either moved on or got shifted to different times &/or departments.

A final note about the future. I doubt I’ll make any progress with my projects during the weekdays, although I have found time to write some things down. My posts are also probably going to get smaller from now on, & focus more on design ideas than progress.

So, got a pretty chill job, best income to date (though I won’t get my first proper pay till the end of the month), & I still have some time to do blog/project stuff. A good change I think.


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