Suddenly LDing Again


Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done any posts about dreams. This is because I’ve been forgetting virtually all of them for the past while, until recently. Not only is my recall suddenly much better, I’ve been able to become lucid much sooner than I typically do. So this post is about the two most recent LDs I’ve had (the first set in a school, the second in a ‘physics test level’) & how I realized/remembered how life-like dreams can be (this is long read).

Within the first dream I’m dozing in bed, in a literal nondescript room. To my left is a window where I see a lecture of university students facing my direction. I don’t think they can actually see me.

The room I’m in then becomes an intermediate school classroom. I’m surrounded by uniformed kids sitting in a neat grid of desks, facing the blackboard up front. There the teacher is doing her thing, pointing at random etchings on the board. My bed is at the back of the class with my feet facing the front. Everyone treats the bed as a normal part of class; if anything the students joke about it. I note the absurdity of it as much as they do & simply enjoy getting to sleep in class.

Before I know it I’m sitting at a desk just like all the other students. I’m drum tapping my fingers on the plastic surface when I remember something. A way of checking reality is to knock on a solid surface & say aloud “am I dreaming?” repeatedly. I instantly go lucid. I take note of how realistic the plastic desk looks, feels, & sounds. Even knowing this is a dream, the desk physically reacts just like it would in waking life. I guess this doesn’t make for a reliable reality check.

The teacher then leaves the classroom, signalling a change over (this isn’t a thing that actually happens in New Zealand schools by the way, at least with the schools I went to). We all get up from our desks. I notice the feel of a backpack on me now.

Heading to the left door towards the front, I knock into a student. He swiftly turns around, points at me with a stern look, then runs off. Again, this seems like something that would really happen. I reach the door when a teacher with the face & mass of Santa enters & blocks my way. I get the sense that I’m meant to stay in class. I quickly come up with the excuse that I’m going to the toilet & he steps aside.

The door leads to the lecture room from before, except its become a darker, messier, intermediate classroom. The class is still in-progress but no one remarks on my entrance. A door opposite the room leading outside is barricaded by desks. No one minds as I climb over & squeeze under desks & chairs, even when I accidentally stomp on a plastic container. My backpack makes it hard to squeeze through but not impossible. I pop out through the door.

I fall to the ground outside near some girls. They’re all toddlers with purple/platinum blonde hair & Barbie doll faces that borderline the uncanny valley. Everything around us is blinded by bright light.

“Are you okay?” they ask.
“Yeah”, standing to my feet, “I’m fine.” Then I wake up.

Shortly after the above dream I nod off again. I find myself in the courtyard of what I’d call a physics test level for Half Life 2. Very simple box-like, “city” textured, environment with barrels scattered around the place. I still retain my lucidity from before, thinking ‘of course I’d dream of something like this’.

I immediately start using telekinesis to throw the barrels around the place, slamming them into walls & watching them bounce around. As I do this, I ponder what other abilities I could try out. I think of fire & start blasting out flames like fire mage. It’s like I’ve been casting magic all my life.

I then get the idea for something I’ve never tried before – gravity. A rock demon/golem appears before me. Before it can attack, I crush it with gravity magic Kingdom Hearts styles. Another one appears in it’s place & again I shatter it, but in more of a tearing fashion. This happens over & over again as I play around, applying the forces of gravity in different ways.

I then wonder how a person would react to such forces. Sure enough, a person appears. With gravity in hand, I dice & rip him apart into a gory mess (wow, this makes me sound like a sadist).

After that I stop & decide to explore the level. There are two paths adjacent to a commercial building I can take; one leading underground like a parking lot, the other bends around the building like an alleyway. I follow the alley to the other side & find it also leads under the building, forming a closed loop with the first path.

I return to the courtyard from the underground path & stop. Standing on the far outer wall are two figures looking down on me, both wearing dark full body combat suits (think something like Zero from Borderlands 2). One is hooded & the other wields a bow. The archer notches an arrow & aims at me. I jump back underground & the shot impacts at the entrance. A dust explosion blasts past me.

When the dust clears, I step back out & see two more figures have joined them. I notice another four figures further to the right. They’re exactly the same as the first squad but coloured in frost blue. I look up behind me & there’s a fire red version of the squad standing over the underground entrance.

One of the red figures plunges down to me, thermal knife in hand. I instinctively thrust my left hand out & a blizzard of nitrogen blankets everything. When it clears, all three squads are frozen solid.

I’m feeling pretty cool, until I look at my right hand & find the lower third is also frozen solid. I don’t even touch it when my pinky & ring fingers snap off together. I scramble to pick them up. They really do feel frozen as the mere touch is freezing cold & sticky. I slam my fingers back in place, believing this is enough to work.

Again I wake up.

I’m really surprised at how fast this came back to me. Maybe I’ve still retained it but just kept on forgetting.

Thank you for reading.


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