I Think I Got a Job!


Okay so over a month ago I mentioned an event where I talked to a guy whilst waiting to enquire about a job. This guy actually works for a power company as the leader of a small team & wanted to talk to my work brokers about a possible role. Since then we hadn’t heard anything from him, until now.

I got a call from my work brokers this morning saying the guy has a position starting in mid-September. We went to see the guy at his office & he’s talking like I’ve already been hired. It’s a six month, 40 hour per week, contract for a data entry role. If I do well at it then it might become a permanent job. I don’t need to go through an interview process or anything. All I need to do is a psychometric test to check I’m reasonably sane & I’ve got the job.

So… kick fucking ass!

Ten months. Ten fucking months, from quitting my night-fill job at a grocery store late last year up till now. All that time I was unemployed, having disadvantages & getting very few leads, then suddenly this falls on my lap. I changed my CV, tried to write cover letters, practised interviewing, & yet all it really took was being open to a guy having a smoke break.

I mean… holy fuck! What the hell happened?

One of my work brokers mentioned something like divine intervention; maybe. My cousin would suggest ‘The Secret’ or the law of attraction being a factor; maybe. An array of human intent working perfectly in my favour; again maybe. I’m more inclined to believe the last point, but then again I like to think I’m open minded enough to consider any theory. I’m not going to pretend I know the real answer.

Anyway I just wanted to share that. I’m super relieved because honestly I was starting to feel trapped & aimless. But now with the first step of my life plan finally in my grasp, I can start thinking beyond just finding a job now.


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