Unity & Tiles/Procedural Generation


Hello, first another brief life update. I’ve been feeling sick, which has made my sleeping patterns worse. Also, at the time of this post, I’m still waiting to hear about my car being fixed. They have told me that another component went faulty & it will cost over $600 (fuck!).

I’ve tried to not let any of this stop me from trying to make some progress, which focused on my top-down shooter project this week. Since my current implementation of tiles is causing lag with only nine rooms generated, I’ve been looking online to see how people have tackled tilemaps in Unity.

I stumbled across a forum post that made me realize there’s bound to be some things on the Unity Asset Store relating to tiles & level generation that do things more efficiently. I had only ever gone to the Asset Store to download resources for tutorial projects; I never tried to find anything else. Turns out there’s several free tile/procedural generation packages available so I decided to check some of them out.

I’m focusing on free stuff since I’m being very watchful of money at the moment; I’m kind of a cheapskate anyway :P. Most of these were created before Unity 5 so you’ll likely get a warning about converting these, but they seem to run just fine for me. I haven’t tried modifying any of these to work with my top-down shooter but there’s a couple I’d like to utilize.


“BASICGRiD is a simple world-generation tool that creates a two dimensional grid and places objects on this grid. These objects can be anything with a transform component. The grid can be adjusted in dimensions, orientation, delay of object spawning, density of objects, rotation of objects and much more.”

Along with the above mentioned grid generator, this package comes with a “unit” generator prefab, & both can be adjusted within the Unity editor. This comes with three examples:

  • Cubes Coloured (generates coloured cubes that resemble a cityscape)
  • Platformer (vertical platformer level generator)
  • Village (generates a village using building meshes)

This is probably the most well explained package of this list. Every script I’ve looked at has comments explaining the logic so it should be easy to understand & modify. I’m really glad I found this one.

Procedural Toolkit

“Procedural Toolkit is a collection of instruments for creating procedural generation systems. It is free, open source and does not require a Unity Pro license.”

This mostly centres on scripts that allow for mesh & texture generation but the examples show you what you can do with them:

  • Boids (simulates bird-like behaviour)
  • Breakout (block game with procedural levels)
  • Chair Generator (procedurally builds a chair mesh)
  • Khrushchyovka (an apartment building mesh generator)
  • Maze (generates a maze texture)
  • Primitives (shows the range of meshes this can generate, including pyramids & dodecahedra)
  • Terrain Mesh (generates terrain via Perlin Noise)

I have implemented a few of these examples in the past as Polytech assignments (Boids, Breakout, Mazes), though they seem to have a better grasp of how to do these then I do. I’m puzzled as to where to begin to understand how Khrushchyovka & the Chair Generator work, though the Terrain Mesh looks to be the easiest mesh-related example to understand.

The maze example is probably going to be the most useful one for me. The top-down shooter could end up being set in a maze. I just wish the scripts had comments explaining things.

Tile Draw

I’ll just let their video explain this one.

The user reviews mention there being issues with getting this to work, but I haven’t encountered this. I assume this was fixed or is a Unity v4 issue since this was originally released for v3.

I probably won’t be using this for my top-down shooter since I plan on procedurally generating my levels, though I can see this being very useful for future projects. I did find another free 3D tilemap package but, based on reviews & features, this seems to be the better option.

I’ll leave you with the links to the above assets, along with some other free Unity tilemap related assets I’ve found. I haven’t tried out the 2D packages, though Tiler looks to be the most promising.


4 thoughts on “Unity & Tiles/Procedural Generation

    • Thank you, frugality is a trait I get from my mum. Almost a year after this post I’m still using the same car, & again I spent another $500+ on servicing a couple months ago 😕 . Cars aren’t cheap.

      • Budgeting for them (as well as miscellaneous expenses) makes their events less painful. Taking a little money out of paychecks REGULARLY and placing it in a separate bank account reduces a tremendous amount of financial stress.

      • Oh, don’t worry, I had the savings to cover it. It was just unfortunate that it happened again. I seem to be good at saving money as well 🙂 .

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