August Life Update


Hello, I’m afraid I haven’t done much work on projects this past week.

Every time I do one of these posts where I have very little to share, it feels like I’m coming up with excuses just for the sake of making a post. I feel like I could do more, & I apologize for this.

This seems to be a common habit for me. Roughly every third week I won’t do so well with my game projects, usually due to some mix of life events & downtime habits. Technically yes I do have time to work on my game projects, but instead I vouch for games, youtube, anime, or whatever I may be into at the time. In other words, I’m like 90% of people in western culture today who like to be non-productive for some odd reason.

I’ll at least share some things that have come up recently:

  • I didn’t get the support worker role I mentioned a couple weeks ago, but my work brokers have directed me towards another company with a similar opening. I’ve just applied for this yesterday so I hope things turn out better this time.
  • All weekend I’ve been seeing some friends who are going to be leaving Dunedin by the end of this week. This included a couple games of D&D & some very late nights. It’s kinda sad to have them go, but I might end up seeing them again if I move to Wellington, which might very well be a thing if I go for an IT job.
  • My car is still dying in mid-drive every so often. I’ve finally got around to driving it to a garage to be fixed again. This happened yesterday as well.
  •  Just today I closed a door on my finger, causing a swelling bruise on the tip. Nothing serious, but it makes typing very awkward since it feels like the bruise could pop (sorry for the imagery).

That’s not to say I haven’t made any progress this week. I’ve briefly returned to the top down shooter I started a few weeks ago. I’ve simply set-up a level controller script that spawns rooms in a grid. I’m already getting some lag issues so I’ll have to find some way to optimize things. I could start by not rendering tiles when outside the camera’s field of vision.

Now able to generate rooms.

Now able to generate rooms.

Otherwise, not much else to share, sorry. Hope things were more eventful in your life, & I hope to have something more substantial next week.


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