An Interesting Couple of Hours


Hello, weird timing seems to be a sudden factor in my life.

I had my first proper job interview in a long time yesterday, but it’s the events before & after that stand out for me. The interview was for a support worker role, the one I needed a full driver’s license for. The organization I applied for helps to enable people with autism & intellectual disabilities to lead their own lives.

I decided to go early, which was probably a good thing since my car decided to die halfway there (first time that’s happened to me). I managed to get it going again, but the car felt weak. I stuck to the quieter suburban streets & managed to park near-ish to the organization (they weren’t that far away). I still had plenty of time to walk there. At least this didn’t happen on my driving test last week, that would have really sucked.

The interview itself felt quite casual & the interviewers were friendly. It was more focused on my character as a person than my skill set, so I just had to be me for it (that was a relief). I think I did pretty good at it. I was more relaxed about it than I have been in past interviews.

I mentioned towards the end, when they asked about my car, the trouble I had on the way there. Right after the interview, one of my interviewers, with the help of the team leader, drove their car to mine & jump-started it for me. Thanks to them I was able to get my weak car home.

I actually chatted with the team leader whilst walking to my car. I told him about my attempts at game development & found out he’s a Command & Conquer fan. Did I mention they’re really nice people?

As for today, I finally got around to calling an auto-motives service about the car & they’ve taken it away. At the time of this post I haven’t heard back from them yet.

I hope to hear some good news about the support role soon. If not, there’s still that other oddly good timed thing that happened. My job brokers got in contact with the power company & we’re waiting to hear if there’s a position available. Aside from the car, I guess things are looking good for me.


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