July Life Update


This week has been a busy one but not for game projects, unfortunately. This blog is slipping back into “life” posts over game development stuff, but that’s because my life has become more eventful lately. I thought this post would just be something a bit angsty, but I also had something occur today that just made me go… what?!

Here’s what’s been happening:

  • I meet with a job broker to set an appointment for my full driver’s license, set early next week.
  • I registered with a recruitment agency.
  • Applied for a data entry job.
  • I had a lesson with a driving instructor, telling me the lesson was “like a holiday” compared to his other clients earlier that day. Feeling pretty good about that.
  • Been to a meet & greet about a support worker role with an organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities.
  • There’s also been another winter blast here (but not as big as the one over a week ago)

This is unusually busy for me.

But there’s also been another thing. When we were waiting outside for the support worker thing, a guy having a smoke started chatting to us. I mentioned we were about to go talk with someone about a job. He started asking about our skills & I brought up my IT Bachelor. He says to tell our work broker to see him after our appointment. Apparently the guy works in the same building complex but for a different company.

Afterwards, right when I got home, my work broker calls me about a junior admin/data type job. I gave him the go ahead to look into it.

I can’t help but think… really; this is a weird turn of events. It’s like when you’re playing chess or something & you suddenly find all your pieces are in the right place. Now it’s just a case of making the right moves.

So I’m feeling pretty elevated about that, however I want to mention the angst part as well.

I feel kinda bad because I feel I need to put more time into my game projects. It feels like I’m going at a snails pace.

Lately it’s like the prime time for me to work on my projects is being occupied by job hunt stuff, reading emails, & other things. When all this is done, it’s evening time & my brain enters relaxation mode. Probably the closest thing I’ll do to productive is ponder games/ideas & maybe write them down. Otherwise I just want to be lazy. I do enjoy working on game projects, but not as a downtime activity.

I know job hunting is more important than game projects right now… but I’d rather be working on a game project. I hate job hunting. Ugh.

I think something like this can be said about other things (writing, art, other aspirations), but I’ll leave it there. At least the job hunt seems to be picking up.

I have done a tiny bit of project work, but it’s for a random top down shooter I decided to start one day. Not sure how next week will go but at least I’ll find out how getting my full driver’s license goes.


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