1 Year Ago


“Craft stories, forge worlds”, I haven’t thought about those words in a while.

According to WordPress, this blog has been active for a year now. I remember in June last year I decided to try out blogging & spent the entire month drafting a long ass post introducing myself & what I intended to do with this blog. A year later & this post was done in less than a week. I’ve come back to this first post & I’ve been wondering how have things changed & have I kept to my aspirations.

  • Game development – well, I’ve done several tutorial projects but have yet to get an original project done. I think I’ve tried going for like five different projects, but never went beyond planning. I’m still learning to simplify things as much as I can, even though I love to go overboard with ideas. Scoping is still my big weakness.

“At this stage I’m simply trying to get into the habit of making games & better understanding the process towards making them.”

Ha! I’m still kind of baffled by the process. I don’t know if I’m really in the habit of making games yet but at least I’m attempting something towards it each week.

  • Recording dreams/lucid dreaming – yes-ish. I seem to cycle between being able to lucid dream (with better results per cycle) to forgetting a lot of my dreams. It’ll take me a solid month to build it up again but I would lose it days later if I don’t think about it. I’m currently forgetting most of my dreams, though I’m still adjusting my sleep pattern from Te Anau.

I’m pretty happy with the progress I have made before. My count is now 20+ lucid dreams compared to a year ago when it was less than ten. I was even starting to have multiple lucid dreams in one morning; that was awesome :).

  • Writing & storytelling – hmm, really let this one slip by. Sure, blogging involves writing, but I meant more fictional stuff. Not sure if I’d call myself a good blogger for that matter.

I have been writing a couple dreams as ‘short stories’ but that was months ago. It’s still an area I’m… scared to do I guess. I’m not someone who likes to rely on words when telling a story. I feel I have a better understanding of how images, sounds, & actions tell a story, but I don’t fully understand how to do so just with text.

I love to think about stories, how to go about them, the world they take place in, the characters,  conflicts, & possibilities; however it always feels disjointed. At least I feel pretty competent as a world builder & lore inventor.

Part of me thinks I should try out comics but my drawing skills have faltered since high school. Maybe try script writing or simple story boarding. I have recently started playing D&D on & off so I could use that. I would like to try DMing for it. I don’t know.

If anyone reading this is a fictional writer – how do you do it? (also you’re an awesome person; why because, well seriously, why not).

  • Motivation – again yes-ish. I’ve (just) kept to my personal promise of posting something on a weekly basis, which has forced me to do things arguably worth blogging about. There have been times though where I feel I’ve just posted “filler” because of this promise though.

I have done some personal-development, which I’m super glad I did. I’ve become a more positive person because of it & I feel better than I did a year ago. It’s also made the next point better.

  • Expand boundaries/meeting people – it has grown, ever so slowly. Something my negativity made me believe was that the friends I made in the past were no longer friends because I’m barely part of their lives. I’m glad to say I’m wrong, kind of. It’s not like it was years ago but we’re still good. My negativity also made me believe I wasn’t capable of forming new friendships; again wrong. There are new people I’m getting to know, many of whom are musicians & good people.

I’ve become a more social person: going to my friends gigs, hanging out with them, etc. I’m still a somewhat awkward silent introvert, but at least I have qualities about myself I’m happy about :).

That isn’t to say I haven’t talked to people online. I wouldn’t call myself an active member of the blogging community but I have found several blogs I like; some of whom are doing game development, & most are doing better than I am. There are some cool people out there.

Other than the above, the biggest change from a year ago was quitting my job. I’ve told this story before so I’ll just link to it but, I’ve been unemployed for about eight months now. I’m doing okay but it’s left me somewhat stuck. During this time I’ve just been trying to get something, just as a starting point, so I can proceed to other things.

Lastly, I felt like I quickly got comfortable with blogging. I believe I’ve said this before but, it’s kinda cool having a place to share things. Also when you’re unemployed it’s easy to get lazy, so this blog has been the closest thing to a ‘job’ I have at the moment. I don’t regret deciding to start a blog.

To the few who follow my blog & read this, thank you. Whether or not you like what I do, it’s nice having the odd ping on my stats page.


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