Major Job Hunt Woes


I know, another “life” post, but that’s because I had a moment recently where I realized how dire my job hunt situation is. It’s almost unreal how much bad luck I’m having right now. Let me explain.

In October last year I quit my job working night-fill due to contact dermatitis caused by my work environment. I went to WINZ & was put on the benefit. I’ve been job hunting since. Six months later, with poor results, I start attending fortnightly obligatory meet-ups aimed at helping my search. I was soon assigned to a couple of job brokers, given 12 weeks to help me get a job. A few weeks later, they admit they’re as lost as I am on what jobs I should go for.

Why has job hunting been so fucking difficult? Two main reasons: dermatitis & stuttering.

With these two things, finding a job where neither is a concern is like finding a shiny Pokemon. I don’t know what exactly triggers my dermatitis, though my doctor’s theory is cardboard ink. This means I’m not really suitable for anything packing or retail related; or anything else that could trigger it, like kitchen hand. On top of that, my stutter doesn’t make me suitable for customer service roles. These two things basically rule out virtually all entry level jobs.

I do have an IT degree but, as I brought up before, IT employers want “recent” graduates or better. I got my degree back in 2013 & I’ve forgotten a lot of what I was taught since then. On top of that, Dunedin-based graduate level IT jobs probably pop up only once every couple months. 😦

My brokers can only think of looking out for data entry roles, but that’s marginally more common than IT jobs. I did suggest temp jobs, but that’s more to test out what jobs would certainly trigger the dermatitis.


The only ray of sunshine my brokers have found is a support worker role. Unfortunately there’s one major barrier – I need a full driver’s licence. I’ve had a restricted licence for 4 years now so I can go for it, but it’s not that straight forward.

A very recent driving lesson has shown that there are several things I need to work on before going for the test. I’ll need at least a couple weeks of practice before attempting the test; but remember, my job brokers have a limited amount of time to help me. I need to get the licence as soon as I can to maximize my chances. The tests have also been made harder than before; it apparently used to be easier than the restricted test but now I think there’s a fail rate of 70%. 😐

As if I didn’t need any more disadvantages, yesterday I brought my car in for it’s warrant of fitness & a component needed to keep the battery running needs to be replaced. Their total estimate for ordering, delivery, installation, etc, comes to about $500. I’ve given them the go ahead, but now I have to wait a few days to get my car back.


I don’t have many alternatives. My brokers did bring up that they could transfer me to a service that helps people with disabilities get work. They were honest though & believe they’ll just set me aside (I guess because stuttering & dermatitis don’t count as “disabilities”). :\

Beyond that, I don’t know what WINZ will do. I imagine they wouldn’t be able to do much else, which may lead to them just cutting me off entirely. If that happens, I guess I’ll have to leave Dunedin & move back in with my parents. Not something I want to do since I honestly feel I’ve free-loaded off of them too much as it is.

XD (insane laughter… sigh) Fuck my life.

So that’s my current situation. Getting a full licence won’t guarantee a job, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve been meaning to get a full licence for some time, so better now than later. I can’t believe something as simple as getting a job would be so frustrating.

I do at least have a good-ish thing coming up. My parents will be heading up north to see their grandchildren in-person for the first time. They need me to look after the dogs in Te Anau during that time at the end of the month, so yay me (I don’t know if I’ll do another dog post). This is really bad timing though as I feel this is about the time that my brokers would like me to go for the test. Can’t catch a break can I. 😛

I hope things are better for you.


2 thoughts on “Major Job Hunt Woes

    • Hmm, this one’s based in Wellington further north (I imagine I’ll move there in the future but not yet). I’m also still very much a hobbyist game developer at this point so I feel I need to go through a couple projects before trying for game companies.

      Still, might be worth keeping an eye on. Thank you for sending this my way :). I wasn’t aware of PikPok till now.

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