May Life Update


Hello, I’ve got some things I’d like to share.

Firstly, I’ve started seeing a work broker who’s already been sending job adverts my way. I had a workshop with them just yesterday where I got advice on how to better write a cover letter & CV, & also found out how unprepared I am for interviews.

One major thing I learned was, unless the job relates to your degree, employers don’t like graduates (with my stutter & history of dermatitis, I really don’t need any more disadvantages). I thought that having my Bachelor & grades on my CV would show that I can work under pressure & stick to deadlines, but apparently not. The reasons behind this include:

  • They believe that as soon as something better comes their way they’ll immediately leave.
  • They think they’re “too good” for the job (yet not too good to be unemployed :/ )

Instead, it’s better to keep your CV focused on your skills in relation to the job & keep your degree in the background. This is kind of bad for me since I’m typically the last person to see my own potential & I find most skills to be very subjective (e.g. anyone can have “excellent teamwork skills” but, since everyone has their own idea of what teamwork is, what does that actually mean?). In other words, I always feel like I’m lying when I say “I have ‘_’ skills.” The only ‘honest’ skills I can think off all relate to my degree so it’s going to be a bit difficult to down play it.

After the workshop I attended a group interview for a temporary stock-taker position. It was much different to what I was used to, since it was about brainstorming as a group on how we would handle a few hypothetical scenarios. I felt I did quite well in that, so I’m hoping I get a call about it soon.

For the past while my cousin has been trying to get me further into D&D. He’s been playing 5th edition with some friends for some time & I recently saw him DM his first game. My brother has also been wanting to get an online thing going but his work & family commitments give him very little free time.

I guess I’m one of the main people to blame for getting my cousin into it. I’ve basically grown up with D&D all my life, yet I never truly got into it. I’ve played several CRPG D&D games (Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc), yet I’ve only played one session of the table top game with my brother back when I was eight. I never had the patience to wade through the tomes of rules, & neither did any of my other friends. If anything, I’ve read the world-building sections more than anything else since that’s what I enjoy doing. But now I’m slowly trudging through the 5E Player’s Handbook & forming a rules summary so my first game isn’t too slow.

My cousin has even helped me half complete two characters: a necromancer with a “death as part of nature” world view, & a wild elf/drow wildmage somewhat inspired by Kefka from FF6 (yeah she’s kind of insane). I try to be as non-cliché as I can when thinking of characters.

I’ll end with a couple of minor things. Winter has come to Dunedin, plunging it below 10 degrees & even reaching 2 degrees, but unfortunately with little snow; oh well. Sections of my laptop keyboard have also recently crapped out, but I’ve got a new keyboard, which is already suiting me quit well. Too bad my desk is more cramped now.

As for my projects, I’m slowly going through the “develop concept” part of an RPG Maker concept & I’m still considering the ideas for a Unity project. I’ll have more on this next week.


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