Dream Characters


It’s widely agreed that dream characters are just aspects of ourselves. If so, I wonder what my characters say about me?

I’ve often dreamed of people I know in waking life or of characters from existing media. In rare cases, the person I know is dead or even a clone of myself. But I wonder the most about characters I just seem to spontaneously invent. Some include:

  • Playing as an indigo ninja from Mortal Kombat with ghostly powers
  • A pair of mail-women that turn into banshees when I become lucid
  • A goth woman who threw me into a mirror portal
  • An eccentric old man with steam-punk attire
  • A tall weird dorky asian store assistant that transforms into a giant version of my, at the time, social studies teacher (I might write up the story at some point, it’s kinda crazy)
  • A flying whale capable of transporting a group of colour coded knights

Seems I have an interesting way of presenting aspects of myself (that or I might be a little insane 🙂 ). The main reason I bring this up is simply because I’ve had a couple more characters enter my dreams & I’d like to talk about them.

For the first dream, I’m walking through some familiar suburbs, trying to recall my previous dream yet somehow not realizing I’m currently in one. I’m walking odd, I find my intermediate school (I feel that I just dreamed of the place), & I encounter someone for the second time that day.

I have my dream journal with me & I drop it. A woman goes to pick it up, but I get to it before she does. I immediately recognize her from the previous dream. In that dream she dropped a book, I picked it up for her, & she thanked me. It feels like she’s trying to repay me in kind, so I thank her this time. Her face reminds me of someone I knew from school years ago. She had black curly hair & her fringe was a dark green colour. Weird.


In the other dream, I’m playing a multiplayer game where you have to dodge large ramming beasts (similar to rhinos) in a grass field with low gravity. The other players are all “youtubers” & they’re getting K.O.ed rather quickly. Part way through I acquire a giant spoon which I use as a weapon. I end up being the last person standing, so I guess I win by default.

It then goes outside of the game where I meet the various “youtubers” (none of which I recognize as real life youtubers). I try to greet as many of them as I can within the ever shifting crowd of people. I still have my spoon with me but it’s now just a standard table spoon. I tap the people I greet with the spoon in a playful manner (I don’t know why, this isn’t something I normally do in waking life).

As I’m going about greeting people, there’s one woman I already greeted who keeps on trying to get my attention. It soon just becomes us two & we start circling each other, almost like we’re dancing. She has red hair, red eyes, & tanned skin (I’m not gonna lie, she also had a cute face). Throughout our ‘dance’ she’s constantly smiling & making eye contact with me, but I keep avoiding her eyes (I’m a shy guy). I eventually maintain eye contact with her, but the dream ends.

I like to play with the idea that some of these characters exist outside of dreams. I have read about people who’ve dreamt of characters then met them for the first time soon afterwards, though these, like anything on the internet, could all be lies. Considering the two I’ve just mentioned, I wouldn’t mind meeting them in real life.


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