Project Update – Tutorial Projects Stretch Goals


I finally solved that fucking annoying bug! Turns out there was a nav destination check, as part of the tutorial, that I didn’t account for when I added searching. This check essentially told the robot to go to it’s first destination if it’s not near it, resulting in robots running back & forth between two positions (ha!).

All of the viable goals are done. Here’s the list:

  • Joypad/stick functionality = didn’t do this as I don’t have any way of testing it.
  • Function refactoring (merging aspects of Chasing & Patrolling AI) = I tried to do this but found that I could only do it to a minor degree & it would cause problems with returning to patrolling. Funny thing is, I ended up refactoring this when adding the next feature.
  • Make them walk instead of run when they only hear a sound = did this by adding an “investigating” function similar to chasing.
  • Extend inventory = this could be expanded to include many things, but I chose to simply allow for multiple keys to be picked up & for doors to open if you have a specific key assigned to the door.
  • Smarter enemies (search AI) = I was really happy when I finally got them to start walking around the entire level. I didn’t take player direction into account as simply getting them to search was enough work as it is (I’ve been delaying this for too long so I just wanted to get it done). Final note, I realize you need to be very conscious about where you place waypoints, or else the robots will get stuck on things when moving between them.
  • Difficulty settings = added a menu where you can select from Easy, Medium, & Hard when the level starts. When you’ve selected your option, adjustments are made to the robot speeds, wait times, & damage. I also used the menu to explain the controls & what you actually need to do in the game.

That’s me fully done with all tutorials (yeays!). I’ve uploaded a “version 1.1” of the game you can find in my portfolio page. I’m sorry this dragged on for so long.

Next: Develop the game concepts I mentioned in my last post & the RPG Maker hack’n slash. Oh, & you can probably expect another dream post very soon.


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