Slow May


Hi, this week has been slow for me.

I’m having trouble with the Search AI stretch goal. I did manage to get it working (at least when it’s the only AI the robots have) but now I’ve done something that either makes them stuck when switching to “Chasing” or run between two nearby points when “Chasing”. At first I was just stuck, trying to figure out how to do this in an architecture someone else designed, but now it’s a case of figuring out how I broke aspects of it.

Beyond that, I’ve been thinking more about game concepts. At first I thought I’d just go with the shooter roguelike idea I mentioned before, but I’ve recently returned to a couple of concepts.

I don’t know if I’ve posted about this idea before, but the first can be summed up in three words – be a necromancer/lich. This would mostly be a strategy game where you recruit cultists, raise undead, & acquire dark magic in an effort to gain territory. My ideas for this one include:

  • Battles would largely be fought using your followers.
  • You would need to raise obelisks to extend your powers beyond your immediate HQ. These obelisks are what allow you to control the nearby undead; if you lose the obelisk, you’ll effectively lose the area.
  • All undead would need certain resources & structures for them to function, e.g. your standard zombie would just need a corpse, but the most powerful spirits would require regular sacrifices.
  • Your power would be most prominent at night but almost entirely gone during the day; meaning that as you get stronger it becomes more difficult to stay hidden.

I’m still thinking about what kind of a strategy game it would be. Would it just focus on skirmishes? Should I make it more like an RTS & have base building be a vital part of it? Should it simply be like a fantasy Risk? Maybe it should be more of a tactical RPG, similar to King’s Bounty? There are many directions I could take this.

The other is The Lost Isles idea, but with some changes. It’ll still be a very basic RPG where you roam a randomized landmass, but with less combat tactics & more general choices & consequences. I realized I originally wanted a game about exploration where anything could happen, so I’m thinking about giving it a ‘choose your own adventure’ book feel to it. I’m aiming for a gameplay experience similar to the boardgame Tales of the Arabian Nights with more RPG elements.

Next: Fix the Stealth AI, expand more on game concepts, remember to work on RPG Maker idea I mentioned a couple weeks ago, make efforts to be more self-disciplined.


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