A Dream of Water & Randomness


Hello, I have a dream to share about watching Game of Thrones & a natural disaster.

Not lucid this time. I haven’t been able to become lucid in the past few weeks. Kind of sucks since I’d like to try a different method that might get me to actually fly (magic wind – airbender style).

Here’s the dream:

In my home town, I enter a cinema in the city centre. I’m going to see the latest episode of Game of Thrones (obviously the dream doesn’t match what actually happens in the book/show).

The episode is mainly about a ploy involving 2-3 factions, including Stannis’s forces. The ploy is somehow related to the Red Wedding. I don’t remember what exactly happens, only that it results in the head figures of the factions involved disappearing without a trace, including Stannis & the Red Woman. The only figure left is Davos. This portion ends with Davos gathering the men to find their leaders.

From this point forward, the episode & my home city start to blend together. There’s a part where some soldiers are trying to break out of a suburban house, but the women there are keeping them prisoner. I go to a dairy with three other people & get two bags full of groceries; the others do their thing & take off in their car.

I’m walking up hill, past the cinema, & I stop when I notice how everything has plunged into a dark blue hue. I look behind me & lose my breath. A towering tsunami is about to envelope the city. I feel this is supposed to be a cliffhanger ending to the Game of Thrones episode that should have ended a while ago, except I’m experiencing the situation first-hand.

I finally get into action. “Higher ground! Get to higher ground!” I yell.

The people around me finally snap & start running. I’m confused about where to go as any street could lead up. I simply follow a group of people & hope for the best. I’m still holding the bags of groceries, & they’re not helping me run faster.

A moment later, as we’re heading uphill, I finally think, ‘where’s all the water?’ The tsunami must have hit the city by now but there’s no water flooding around us. A woman in the group wonders the same thing out loud. We don’t bother to stop & check.

A couple more moments later we reach a steep dead end. We stop & look behind us. The blue hue is gone. The water finally comes, but it’s quite shallow here. It seems we’re about a metre above the flood level. The water quickly becomes snow that blankets the whole city, like the morning after a heavy winter’s night.

We start walking down the hill & encounter some people. Several of my friends are among them, still alive & intact. I’m just happy they made it. Then I wake up.

By the way, I did get around to watching episode 2 of season 5 today. I know the next 2-3 episodes have already been leaked but I’m going, to try, to wait till the official screening days for them.


P.S. I decided to make links to previous dream posts, like this one, on my dreams page in case people were curious.

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