Project Update – Tutorial Projects Finished


The Stealth tutorial series is now, technically, complete! The last “video” is simply a list of stretch goals that I’m thinking about doing. There will likely be an additional “tutorial” update for an improved version of Stealth soon. In the meantime, you can find the current game in my portfolio page as usual.

I didn’t realize I made so many typos when I finished the last video. I think I’ve fixed all of them, but testing would still be much appreciated. I also realized, when looking back at the player animator video, that the “movement matching animation” I mentioned in the last post is incorrect. That was me not paying attention to the video not using exit times for the animations.

Getting to the exit lift is actually pretty difficult. Either I suck at stealth games, or I’m too used to save spamming in them (I’ll see if I can add a quicksave function), but I’ve only been able to reach the exit once when enemies are present, & only by rushing through to the end. Another caveat is it’s pretty easy to get stuck on something when trying to run around objects. You’re not “stuck” stuck, but it is annoying when you’re trying to runaway.

Next: Try implementing some of the Stealth stretch goals, think more about what project to do next.


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