Project Update – Tutorial Projects 4


The RPG Maker game based on the, incomplete, VX Ace tutorials is now complete & uploaded.

In all honesty, I’ve been rather lazy with trying to balance enemies. Much of my testing has been focused on making sure events work properly & dialogue makes sense. From the playtesting I have done, they seem to work just fine but I feel I would need other people’s opinion on this.

Part of this might be because the tutorials chose “attrition” (many weak encounters that wear you down) over “immediate danger” (any encounter could kill you if you’re not careful) in deciding enemy stats. I’ve stated before that I prefer combat to be dangerous, & I don’t like grinding, so I quickly found playtesting this kind of model pretty boring. At least the boss is an “immediate danger” encounter.

Next: The last Unity tutorial series – Stealth.


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