February Lucid Dreams + the Last Dream of Six


Okay, I’m going to dump several dreams onto your lap.

About a fortnight ago I had lucid dreamed twice in the same morning for the first time; I had the idea to write I post about it but never got around to it till recently. On Sunday, I decided to start this post because I’d just woken up feeling like I had six dreams that one morning. Lastly, yesterday morning I LD’d again & felt like writing about that one as well. Dreams seem to be going quite well for me right now.

So that’s what this post is going to be about. I’m going to summarize the two lucid dreams I had in the same morning + the LD I had yesterday morning, & then tell you about the last dream of the six I had on Sunday morning. Why this last non-lucid dream – well, I quite like this dream. There’s a couple of interesting things that happen, including an encounter with a dream character I feel I’ve met before.

The double LDs from about a fortnight ago:

I enter a store where I lost my Magic cards. I instantly spot them on the store counter & start sorting through them. While I’m doing this some random guy stands really close to me & examines the cards as I do.

I spontaneously become lucid, force push the guy out of my personal space, & address the store clerk as my subconscious (for all I know, I could have force pushed my subconscious without realizing it). I asked him a question but I can’t remember what I asked, or what answer I received.


I’m in the Warehouse (to those outside of NZ, I suppose it’s our version of Wal-mart) & I encounter some goofy Asian dude who says something important to me. Not sure what he says but I pretty much become lucid in that moment.

I decide to try flying for the first time – but I can’t seem to do it. I try jumping repeatedly. I try concentrating on a ceiling tile & imagine myself moving towards it, but I always fall back to the ground. I soon give up & can actually feel physical exertion in my legs.

The lucid dream from yesterday morning:

I enter the kitchen of some random small house. I chat with a couple of my friends on the topic of “is this a dream?”. I have a background feeling that we are in a dream, but I don’t act on it.

I’m not sure how this transitioned so fluidly but, I’m now outside in the sun, walking up stone steps. The steps lead up to the roof of a middle-eastern style house made entirely out of sand. At the roof, I see that much of it is missing & I can clearly see inside the house. Amongst the sand-dunes inside the house are several items that come in pairs; all related to Tool’s 10,000 Days album (I don’t know how but that’s what I think of when I see them).

I finally decide to do the nose reality check. I clamp my nostrils shut with my fingers & find I can breath just fine through my nose (the first time I’ve been able to confirm a reality check in a dream). As I do, I notice one of my friends from earlier retrace my steps up to the roof of the house. I take in the landscape, looking at the ocean forming the bay & the surrounding mountainous desert.

The sand beneath me starts to cave-in. I seem to have some control of the sand beneath me as I can casually walk forward a few steps. A couple seconds later I feel some faint vertigo as the sand carries me into the ocean. I’m able to tread water easily & I spot my friend resurface a couple meters away from me. We look at each other & burst out laughing.

Lastly, a dream from yesterday:

Note: I think this carries on from an earlier dream where I eat a chicken wing &, for some reason, keep the bones. I’ve also noticed in hindsight that I’m retracing the real-life steps I’ve taken to reach a second hand book-store that had a job opening (I didn’t get the job 😦 ).

I’m walking into the city centre & I see people staring at the sky. I look up above & the overcast clouds dramatically reveal twin full moons, one brighter than the other. I look back at the people & some of them look worried. I’m amazed by the phenomenon but quickly carry on with my day.

Walking onto the next street, I find chicken bones in my pocket. I throw them away, hoping they don’t cause a car accident. A moment later I pass by a woman who starts to pick up sticks on the ground. I feel a bit guilty for having just added litter for her to pick up, so I start helping her. We quickly start chatting about stuff (I can’t remember what we talk about, though I guess it’s about what she’s doing & the twin moons above).

We’re soon interrupted by a man in his late 60s who joins the conversation. His attired was in the style of the early 1900s. The white hair on his head & face reminds me of George R. R. Martin but bushier & more eccentric. I notice that there’s something off about his left ring finger; he catches my look & removes his gloves, revealing that much of the finger is just a “pump” attached to a stump. Despite his weird looks, he’s quite cheerful. In fact, he somehow looks familiar.

He gives me a hug like we’re reunited old friends. I wonder if he’s a friend of mum’s from years ago. He asks if I enjoyed the chocolate he gave me. I then recall bumping into him at an old train yard where he gave me a piece of wrapped up chocolate (an earlier dream I think). I welcome him as a friend.

As we are chatting I look back up to the sky. The moons are obscured by thick dark clouds. The old man asks why I’m not paying attention to the conversation & I tell him I’m trying to see the moons again. He grabs me & carries me out to the middle of the city street. He makes a statement about what to focus on, or something like that. I can’t remember the specifics, only that I was worried about oncoming traffic. He asks me something like why my focus has shifted. I spot the traffic light turn green. “Prioritization”, I answer. He smiles, carries me to the other side of the road, & let’s me go.

He offers to buy me a beer & goes into a nearby bar. I follow after him & there’s already two pints ready at the counter. I thank the bartender & we take a seat at an empty table. We sit in silence as random people start to sit down at our table. I’m not sure if the beer is actually for me, assuming it is beer; the drink is transparent & smells like Sprite. I make gestures to the old man & he goes to the bartender. He soon walks back, making gestures that I believe suggest it’s okay to drink it.

Through the window, I see it go dark outside. It starts to hail.

Thank you for sticking it out to the end.


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