Rethinking my Projects + video


Hello, I’d like to share a video I think will be helpful to anyone starting out in game development & one that has made me reconsider my projects.

If you’ve never heard of Extra Credits & want to do anything with games, I highly recommend watching their stuff. They have about 100 videos on the subject, plus they’ve done some videos on history & video game music remixes. Seem to be a cool team.

I was hoping the video would talk about the common basic structures of games, but instead it served as a practical reminder of what I should have done. Given how well my projects have gone since Polytech, I need to go for smaller, simpler, projects. This probably means I’ll drop the projects I said I would return to… ugh.

I hate sharing an idea only to drop it. I’ve already done this before with a Warcraft 3 map, & I hate thinking about doing it again with the other projects I’ve already made pages for. I haven’t deleted them but I did change the sidebar to make them not as prominent as they were before. You can still find them in the projects page along with a project checklist I drafted up. I’d like to think that I can return to them at a later time.

As for what projects I will do, I’ll start off with tutorials so that I actually know how to use Unity & RPG Maker (I have followed tutorials for these before but I think it’s worth having a refresher). After that, I’m thinking about redoing some of the game assignments I did for Polytech (stuff like Space Invaders & Frogger) but in Unity, so I’ll probably be doing my own versions of arcade games for a while. With RPG Maker, probably a short basic hack’n slash & a short basic puzzle adventure. I’ll also probably do the odd game mod from time to time.

Basically just trying to get myself back on track with making games; properly this time.


4 thoughts on “Rethinking my Projects + video

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts now and I’m a little concerned about how you’re always thinking about developing games properly, or in some kind of set order.

    I feel that what method you use should work for you, or your team. Play to your strengths. Know what you’re weak at. For example: I know I’m a wordy person that needs to write down lots of ideas, then organise them into a design document or a suitable place to stash them. My Hunters game design document is up to version 16 already, and it’s only been a year. I know I need a semblence of a plan and then move forward with action to push myself to motivate and complete it.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t push yourself to do things the “right” or “proper” way. I know it will grind on you as a perfectionist, but try.

    Err… I hope that helps rather than hinders.

    • Yeah, I could write an essay on the subject, but I’ll try to keep it short.

      1. Yes I am a perfectionist who would like to do things properly (although I somewhat doubt there is a “proper” way of making games other than finding what works for you). It seems to be hindering me more than anything at the moment so it’s something I need to let go off.
      2. I over think things way too much. The more important it is to me, or the more it worries me, the more I think about it.
      3. In some ways, even with all this research & material to go with, I’m still pretty clueless as to how I should go about making games (although I’ve read that this is pretty common for indie developers).

      I suppose the real thing I need to do is… just make them & see what happens. It’s still early days so now is the best time to get things wrong.

      By the way, hows the Hunters game coming along? Being up to revision 16 of your GDD, it sounds like it’s keep you pretty busy.

      • Agree completely with all your three points. Pretty much in the same boat. What my life coach forced me to do was do it. Like you said, I think the only way we can actually know what to do, is go through a trial of fire (if you know of Ragnaros from WoW, BY FIRE BE PURGED). I’ll even help out if you want/need. Even moral support. I’ll keep you accountable. 😉

        And I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to version control. Every time I add something, I make a new version. Leftover habit from university. Some of the sections are still blank, but in saying that, the document is still over 100 pages long.

        As for Hunters, I just put up a character artist job on yesterday, and today I’ve had at least 60 responses. Going through them will be interesting to say the least.

      • Barely play MMOs but I think I know what you’re talking about. Accountability sounds like a good thing, even though I’ve been trying to make myself accountable by posting once a week on something. I guess having people from across the internet remind me of what I should be doing counts :).

        60 responses in one day. Sounds like a great turnout.

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