First Lucid Dream of 2015 – Yeays!


I’ve lucid dreamed again a few nights ago, & this one was markedly different for several reasons:

  • Unlike my previous lucid dreams, I didn’t feel a sudden rush of excitement. I was able to stay calm in my awareness & I stayed in my dream for an extra few minutes.
  • I tried to teleport to a different setting (Dive To The Heart from Kingdom Hearts, I really want to experience my own version of that) but failed.
  • I realized I’ve been in the city I dreamt of before. Not in real life (although I do see elements of Dunedin in it) but I feel I’ve dreamed of the city on many separate nights.
  • I tried to stop myself from waking up by spinning (in the dream I recalled it as a way to stabilize dreams. It isn’t until now that I realize it can also be used to teleport I think; damn!). However, it was more like I observed myself spinning, rather than experienced the spinning for myself, so it didn’t work.

Anyway, I felt the need to write it out in story form. I’ve added it to my dreams section, but you can simply go here to read it.

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