Negativity Fast


(Warning: Another post containing information taken directly from an existing book. If, by some weird chance, the owners find this & don’t approve of the text I’ve ripped straight out of the book please tell me & I’ll remove it.
Oh, & if you want to skip the life update, this information is found towards the end of the post)

Hello, yesterday I returned to Dunedin after staying with my parents & their dogs for a week. As can be expected with Christmas I’ve had many distractions. Over the past week my parents took me (& the dogs) on trips to various places in & around Te Anau, ranging from a day in Invercargill (about a 2 hour drive away) to a couple of lakes about 30 minutes away to the northeast. I also experienced hay-fever for much of the week & possibly a new allergy as I developed a rash on my hands (I suspect this is related to the dermatitis I developed earlier this year). Fortunately the rash seems to be dying down via creams & simply being away from Te Anau.

Having said all that, I did try to continue with “Change Your Life In 7 Days”. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had trouble with some of the techniques for Day 2 (e.g. being unable to do a step since I can’t get myself to generate certain feelings) I’ve been wanting to get around those troubles before going to Day 3 but I still have the same results. I think rather than continue being stuck on Day 2 for another  week I should just proceed onwards & return to the techniques later on.

Now for the main thing I’d like to share, the final technique of Day 2 – The Negativity Fast. According to Paul McKenna (the author), this is one of the most powerful techniques included that will benefit everyone & was the technique he apparently started off with to change his own life.

The following is taken straight from the book:

The Negativity Fast

“… whenever you feel bad about anything, stop what you’re doing (as soon as it is safe to do so) & follow these five easy steps…”

  1. Ask yourself what you are feeling bad about & notice what image, sound or words come to mind. Remember, your emotions are like signals, letting you know when you need to pay extra attention to some aspect of your experience. Every feeling in your body is linked to an internal picture, sound or the words you say to yourself in your mind.
  2. Listen for the message or positive intention of the emotion. Negative emotions are just messengers sent by your mind & body to let you know it’s time to pay attention to something. For example, if I have a worrying feeling & I stop & notice, what comes to mind is the image of an upcoming meeting. My mind is trying to alert me to things that might go wrong in that meeting & make sure I am well prepared.
  3. Act on the message! So, in our example, I might make a list of all the things I can do to stop those problems from occurring, & take action on at least one of them.
  4. Turn off the messenger. This is like hanging up the phone or resetting the smoke alarm. When I’ve heeded my mind’s warning, I drain all the colour out of the image, shrink it down to the size of a postage stamp & send it off into the distance. If the picture pops back, it’s because there’s still something you need to be aware of, so find out what it is.
  5. Programme your desired future. Finally, imagine events going exactly the way you want them to. In the example of my upcoming meeting, I make a big, bright movie of the meeting going perfectly & watch it all the way up to the happy ending.

I haven’t had much of a chance to try out the technique since I haven’t found myself feeling bad lately (well, except for being allergic to things). The book does go into more detail about intensifying & diminishing ‘mental movies’ but I feel I’ve ripped too much from the book as it is; it’s simpler if you get a copy of the book yourself. I hope people find this useful.


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