Life Update – Christmas Week


Hello, I’ve return to Te Anau to be with my parents & their dogs again for the week.

Whilst here I’d like to focus on the “Change Your Life in 7 Days” book I mentioned before & do the techniques from that book properly. It’s something I think I need to focus on more than anything at the moment. After all, the person you are is at the core of everything in your life right.

On that note, I may stop doing game development stuff for a while (not that I’ve done much of that recently). When I return to my projects I’m thinking about doing what I’ll call “milestone projects”; in other words, mini projects that revolve around the features of my main projects. This is so I focus on doing one thing at a time, instead of feeling like I need to work on multiple areas at the same time, & so I have something for people to play around with. I’m also looking over the notes I still have from Polytech on the Software Engineering & Project papers so I can go over the development framework we used & apply it to my projects (I’ll probably have a post about this soon).

Lastly, I must bring up that I declined the analyst job I mentioned before. I mentioned that it had me in brain lock for a while, so I finally forced myself to make a choice. I found that no matter how I thought about the position, I just couldn’t get myself to feel good about it. I know that it would have given me work experience in IT & I could have gotten off the benefit but I still had reasons that made me unsuitable for the position & the position unsuitable for me:

  • With the job having a steep learning curve (originally for an experienced analyst), & me barely remembering much of anything I learned in Polytech, I imagine myself having a hard time convincing them I’m worth the trouble; & I doubt I was the only graduate they were looking at.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot more about leaving Dunedin. I didn’t want to find myself locked into Dunedin for 2 years shortly before finding the will to move on to another city where more opportunities are present.
  • Simply put, I’m not interested in doing that kind of stuff.

Ultimately, I sense that the only way for me to realistically get the job is to fake it, & I hate the idea of doing that, especially now that I’m trying to be my “true self” (I could go on a tangent about how it seems you need to fake it just to get a job but I’ve already rambled enough about it). I still feel conflicted about the choice though I think it would have just made things worse for me if I delayed it further. Ugh… oh well.

Since I don’t want to end on a negative, here’s a “best of” video of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Farewell & happy holidays.

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