I’ve been disorganized as hell this week. I’ve had several things pop up, including: my car failing it’s warrant of fitness due to rust build-up, my old computer not working for a day, & a late night booze up my flatmates dragged me into that left me feeling nauseas the next day. All I’ve done for my projects this week is have a go at writing dialogue for The Spirit Child, & I haven’t been able to come up with much of that. Grr! 😡

Otherwise, my mind has largely been focused on the IT job I mentioned last week. The Thursday meeting was more about explaining their situation & the job rather than an interview (which I was worried it would be). It’s more of a Report Analyst job where I would help maintain reports for the specialists using their system. I’d do this for about the first 8-12 months before I transition into a programmer role for their up coming 2 year project to upgrade their system. They’ve left me to think about the position.

Since then I’ve been in brain lock. My mind is leaning towards saying no as:

  1. They said ‘there’s no point in me doing it if I’m not interested’; which I honestly am not.
  2. A steep learning curve since it was originally geared for an experienced analyst they weren’t able to get
  3. I don’t see myself, intentionally, living in Dunedin 2 years, or even 1 year, from now. I don’t want to find myself confined to Dunedin just when I find the inner resolve to pursue my dreams in earnest.
  4. Them hiring an IT graduate isn’t exactly finalized. I recall them saying they’re still considering if it is worth the effort. They did say it could turn into a summer internship which might suit me better.
  5. I honestly can’t remember much of what I learned from Polytech. That, combined with the steep learning curve, is probably going to make me not a good candidate.

Still, there are practical reasons for applying as:

  1. I’m still unemployed. On top of that, I’ve had no luck with the jobs I’ve applied for, so this is the best result I’ve gotten since leaving Pak’n Save.
  2. I’ve been on the benefit for about 2 months now & it’s reaching the point where WINZ will step in to put me into whatever job they can get for me.
  3. It’s experience in the IT field. Perhaps not in something I’d like to do but still better than nothing.
  4. Simply put, December is the worst time of the year for job hunting with Christmas & whatnot going on.

Personal ambition vs practical need – seems to be a recurring theme of adult life. Ugh…

Next week’s goal – get myself back on track. That most likely means just as much progress on my projects next week. Really annoying, since I’d like to go back to making posts about my projects rather than the crap life throws at me. Perhaps after Christmas, after I visit my parents again in Te Anau.


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