Life Update, December


I’ve been feeling derailed again but this time for better reasons. I’ve been trying to continue with the book I mentioned before & I’ve received emails about an IT job.

On day 2 it introduces about 8 techniques on changing your mental state. I probably should have read through the entire chapter before attempting the techniques as they came up. Honestly, after a few goes of the second confidence technique (the 4th one in + doing the technique from day 1) I felt mentally drained.

Both of the confidence techniques were very similar. You recall a time when you felt confident, intensify the feeling, spread it through your body, intensify then intensify again. Then do it all again 4 more times. In the second one you’re meant to associate the feeling to a gesture so it acts like a confidence trigger.

With me, the feeling of confidence isn’t one I’m typically aware of. I may be in that state but the feeling of confidence barely registers with me. It does say that “if you can’t remember a time, imagine how much better your life would be if you were totally confident – if you had all the power, strength, & self-belief you could ever need!” If you’re a nerd like me, you would associate (humanoid) great power & what not with Zen Masters, Super Saiyans, & many of the powerhouse characters from Bleach. So that’s kind-of what I ended up imagining myself doing; might explain why I felt drained (I can see normal -> super saiyan -> normal -> super saiyan being very tiring). This book will definitely take me longer than seven days so I may just need to pace myself.

With the emails, a past lecturer has emailed me about an IT job based in Dunedin that she recommended me for. This derailed me further as: 1) I wasn’t expecting it, & 2) I realized how unprepared I was for it. I found myself spending way too much time just thinking if I should try applying for it. In the end, I decided to go for it & I’ll be talking with the employers next week.

The position is a Report/Data Analyst role (I’m not 100% sure what I would actually be doing in this role) that will progress into a Programmer role. From looking at the company website, I assume I’d be working with their online system designed to support health specialists with their patients. Based on that, I assume I’d be helping them find what improvements can be made for the system then helping them implement them.

All that said, I’ve done very little in terms of project work. The only thing I did do was a flowchart of how The Spirit Child areas linked together. I’ve been thinking I should compile a checklist of what needs to be done so I can focus better on what I actually need to do (I recall that helped me stay on track during my final year project at Polytech).

Next week will likely be hap-hazardous again. Not only will I need to be ready for the above job talk but also have to get my car in for it’s WOF. Will try to do more productive things next week.


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