The Weird Bulky Gun from that One Dream


My dream recall has become really awesome lately. I’ve been recalling an average of 3 dreams for the past few days. I think I’m at the point where I can try going lucid again without the worry of forgetting about them.

Anyway, the point of this post is I dreamt about using this weird gun I found. A lot more things happened in these dreams (in most of them I teleported into & explored the same complex but as a different character for each dream, in the last one I was a magical “alien” woman O_o, & I had a fist fight with Joffrey from Game of Thrones 😀 ) but I found the gun to be particularly interesting.

I found the initial form of the gun on the ground, dropped by a futuristic looking female marine I just shot (yeah, this dream was pretty violent). It looked very much like your standard paintball gun except: completely white (same colour as the dead marine’s armour), a stub of a handle with no trigger, & something like the paintball container on the rear end of the gun.

Something like this except not so obviously GIMPed

Something like this except not so obviously GIMPed

I couldn’t figure out how to use the thing until I realized the paintball container bit was squeezable. I squeezed that & the gun transformed into something more futuristic & too bulky for it’s own good. On the top side was a set of buttons arranged like a dial, numbered 1-5 with a central button below them numbered 8.

Something like this + a close-up of the "buttons"

Something like this but less cartoony + a close-up of the “buttons”. The gun was about as heigh as it was wide. Did most of this in Adobe Flash CS4.

I pressed down on a button, aiming the thing at the next target in front of me (who oddly didn’t care that I was taking all the time in the world to figure out how to use the thing). Nothing happened for a moment. Tried a different button, same result. Pressed the first button again & I got an indication that it finished loading an ability – “Revert Lava”. I pressed the second button again & it finished loading “Lightning”. I noticed that the gun now had a laser sight of sorts.

Lightning was more appropriate for my current mission so I went with that. I zapped my next few targets. Oddly, they didn’t fall over or anything. They just froze in place momentarily, then wondered what the hell happened to them.

I didn’t try any other buttons, though I got the impression that different buttons yielded different abilities, & that combining buttons would do the same thing.

Anyway, that’s my yarn about dream weaponry. Farewell.

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