Melded Dreams


I’ve got another dream to share. This one didn’t inspire a game idea like the previous ones did, however it shares a theme that permeated much of Harry Potter – death. I wouldn’t call it profound but, since I’m writing a post about it, it must mean something to me.

In this dream I am, or were, part of a band (Opeth in this case), I’ve just reached “the end of the line”, & its time for me to die. We (not the band but other people; no idea who) seem to have made an agreement that when certain conditions arise it would be the end for me (Now that I think about it, those “conditions” might have been cancer).

I experienced this dream as though different occurrences of it were happening at the same time. It sounds weird when I put it that way; perhaps I can explain it better. If you watched season 2 of Game of Thrones you may recall a scene where Tyrion shares a secret plan with each member of the small council, changing a few details in each case to see which one is an informant. The dream is somewhat similar to how that scene blends & flows each secret meeting together.

What marked each occurrence was the manner in which I was to be executed. The main one I recall was standing in a chamber that quickly, but calmly, filled with water as I listened to The Drapery Falls. I recall looking at someone I knew whilst standing underwater, unable to breathe or do much of anything. All of them shared that theme of a “humane” comfortable death.

For much of the dream I was accepting of my fate but I also felt sad. It didn’t seem fair that I would ideally die as my healthy self. That it was better to die now than wait for the decay to kill me; just so people would remember me by my life, not my death.

In the last few minutes I made a choice. I decided to get out. My legacy would not be to let the decay kill me, or to so willingly choose death, but to die fighting to live.

I don’t normally have these kinds of dreams. I could probably talk about how death has impacted my life but I don’t want to give this post a more sombre tone than it may already have. I prefer to focus on life than death.

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