Unity: Lost Isles – Conceptualizing


I should have done this before doing the Tilemap but, I’ve started to do some planning on the specifics of the game; outside of the vague notion of a simplistic RPG where you’re an adventurer wandering around a randomized landmass.

Here’s my long, but still incomplete, checklist of what this game will likely feature:

Game System

  • Game mostly occurs on a 2d, grid-based map
  • Asynchronous turns. Map turns occur each time you move your character.
  • The player has a basic inventory
  • Each turn the player may: move to another map space, search the current map space, or rest to restore health. You can also use an ability or item from your inventory as a free action.
  • Auto-save on each new map turn.

Set in a randomized landmass.

  • The landmass, or map, is composed of several terrain zones surrounded by sea, e.g. plains, snow, forest, etc.
    • Different terrain will have different kinds of encounters
    • Some terrain have properties, like blocking movement unless they have a certain trait.
  • Scattered throughout the map are random encounters: Characters, Items, & Locations. There is also a small chance of triggering an Event each time you move a space.
    • Locations may have a series of Events that trigger one after another each time you “search” them

Simplistic stats & combat

… while still trying to make it interesting

  • Combat is usually triggered by moving onto the map space of another Character or by certain Events. This leads to a minimalist combat screen.
  • Combat is menu based like Final Fantasy & Pokemon, although actions are executed at the same time
  • Commands available at all times: Abilities (with subcommand “Attack” always available), Items, & Flee
    • The items you have equipped (weapons in particular) determine your abilities in combat
    • You can switch weapons via the Items command however the action is executed at “slowest” speed
    • Fleeing will exit combat & move you back to your previous map space as an additional turn, meaning that NPCs may move a map space at this time. It is executed at “slowest” speed in combat, & if you are hit during this combat turn you will not exit combat.
  • Character stats are simply: attack (base damage dealt), health, toughness (how much damage is removed), evasion (chance of being hit), & speed (how quickly an action is executed)
    • NPCs also have a non-combat “initiative” stat deciding how often they will move to a randomĀ map space
    • An attacker’s speed can overcome a defender’s evasion if it is much higher than the defender’s speed
  • Characters & Items usually have “traits” attached to them. These function similarly to keywords used in Magic: The Gathering.
  • No levelling system but there will be items & consumables that affect your stats.


  • No set objective, other than surviving & finding a way to leave the isle (either by finding a portal or acquiring a boat).
    • Leaving the isle is the only way to save a character to play for a new game.
    • You will have the option of saving the map when you leave so you can replay it on a new game.

I’ve found myself pseudo-coding this game before starting on a game design document, though I’d like to get that done before I continue pseudo-coding. I guess that’s a good sign since I haven’t really done that kind of thing in a while.


Next: just like with the RPG Maker project, flesh out the concept a bit further & develop towards a game design document. I’ll likely start by coming up with activity diagrams & the like for figuring out the order of menus & what not.


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