A Series of Pretend Dreams


I just wanted to share this weird series of dreams I had today. I’ve been on a bit of a blog writing buzz lately (I have about 3 other draft posts right now) so expect to see a couple more posts soon.

Anyway, in this series of dreams I was roleplaying a dreamer. It sounds so weird, dreaming about pretending I’m in a dream with other “dreamers” doing the same. There was a sort of DnD vibe to it as it involved pretend combat (I think all we did was chase each other, pretending to cast spells O_o ).

There were a couple of rules to this roleplaying session. First, there were ambiguous (pretend) “layers” that we existed on & only those who were on the same layer can interact with each other. Second, in order to move to a different layer, we had to stand still & spin the world around us in a full 360 rotation (I’ve been playing a great puzzle game called The Bridge lately which is probably where that came from).

The dream took place mostly in town with me venturing into the suburbs the odd time. The only place I remember in detail was when I entered a theatre hall. The foyer was empty though I spotted someone I recognized going up a closed off series of steps. There was no doorway between the foyer & concert hall; the hall was literally just around the corner from the front door. I’ve arrived just as a show was about to begin. There was this crazy woman who acted as the ticket taker. Somehow she, & a couple other guys, were reading through some notes I had on me that I didn’t want them to see. She comes to one where I’ve written some sentences from the POV of a man having life problems; most of these were geared towards an unknown ‘her’. She starts crossing out these sentences, going “No. No. No. No! NO! NO!! RAAAAAAARRRGH!!!”. Everyone in the hall stares at her when she screams.

I seem to have a lot of these dreams where I’m pretending to be someone. Not in the sense of identity fraud but more like I’m just playing pretend. Probably the most common is me running down the road pretending I’m driving a car (often I don’t realize this till late in the dream). It’s so silly because I barely do any of this kind of stuff except perhaps when I’m playing video games. I’m not sure what my brain is trying to tell me from this. I guess I’ve found a dream symbol to utilize.

Anyway, just something weird I felt like sharing :P.

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