Change in Projects


I’ve decided to put my warcraft 3 map on hold in the meantime so that I can work on a couple of the ideas I mentioned on a previous post. More specifically, I’m going to make a start on the Unity exploration game idea (till I think of a better name, I’ll call it Lost Isles) while I think about what to do with RPG Maker.

I’ve dived back into Unity. I’ve started off simple by coding up a tilemap with randomized tiles. I plan on the game being grid based with characters moving tile by tile per “turn” so I’ve managed to code a form of that up as well (though I plan to code it better so characters go to tile positions instead of 10 units in their chosen direction).

I did encounter an aggravating issue where the character would move at random units (e.g. 11, 8, 9, 10, 9, 11, etc) no matter how I coded the movement. I think it’s to do with the length of time you press down on the movement key. I’ve managed to get around this by only allowing movement if the character has reached the target destination & a small amount of time has passed since reaching that position. I unintentionally did it in a way that allowed for diagonal movement as well (I love it when that happens 🙂 ). I also encountered a bug in Unity’s MoveTowards method where, once you release the movement key, your character will stop mid-way. Adjusting the if statements of when input was read solved this, I think.

Progress So Far. Red ball is Player Character.

Progress So Far. Red ball is Player Character.

I tried to embed my progress as a web player in this post or as a separate page but I’ve had no luck with that. I am aware of the Unity Dog plug-in but you need to have WordPress set-up on your own server to use plug-ins (which I don’t). I tried to set it up in Dropbox so that you could access it as a separate HTML page but it only allowed for downloading the file itself. It seems only Pro & above users are allowed to set-up public folders these days, which would have done what I wanted it to do. All I can really do at this point is put it in a zip folder for you to download, however I don’t feel that it’s worth uploading for something as simple as demonstrating grid movement. If you want to see it anyway just ask me.

I was originally planning on going ahead with the Hobheim idea but after taking the time to look at the projects out there, articles about how to start, & thinking about what I could realistically do at the moment I realized a few things:

  1. I wanted to have a world & story fully planned out before doing anything proper. Thing is I’ve never gone that far with ANY of my ideas & it would be far better if I started small.
  2. My vision required art that didn’t come with RPG Maker that would do it justice, & I don’t want to use any external art – yet. For example, I wanted one of the dominant Hob cultures to be Dwarves that have the typical Norse theme but RPG Maker barely has anything like that.
  3. I had the over ambition typical of any wannabe RPG creator of wanting to create something on the scale of Baldur’s Gate all by myself.

Instead, I think it may just be far more practical to go free-form. I still want to go towards something of that scope, some day, but perhaps I shouldn’t care just yet & see what I get from doing small projects. All I have planned so far is a setting inhabited with small people (to themselves the smallness is normal) & spirits. I don’t want to just make tech demos, rather small stories that happen to work as tech demos (I get the impression I’ve talked about this kind of thing before). If I do the projects as “folk-tales” that gives me the option to decide which ones are myth or “real events”.

I wonder if I should set myself a challenge similar to a game jam, e.g. give myself two weeks to create a small game of some kind. Need to think about this.

Next: Honestly, I don’t know. My last day of working night-fill was yesterday & since then I’ve realized I’ll need to change my weekly routine. I’ll need to start job hunting in earnest but I’ll also get more time to work on projects. There are also things outside of projects & jobs I feel need my attention. Perhaps I can provide a better answer of what to do next when I’ve got my weekly routine sorted.


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