WINZ sorted, kind of


Just had my appointment with WINZ this morning (These two previous posts explain what’s been happening). I encountered a few problems but I do have good news.

First issue, I went to the wrong centre. There are two WINZ offices in town & they didn’t tell me which one to go to when I made the appointment. I assumed it didn’t matter, turns out I was wrong. The first centre was kind enough to phone the other centre I would be late so I had no problems missing out.

Second, I was missing a couple of documents for the appointment. They needed to know what’s in my other bank accounts (I only had the statement for my daily one) & needed my employers to fill in a different portion of the form than what they filled in (I handed it to them before I gave them my letter of resignation so they believed I was continuing work). I also realized I didn’t have a tenancy agreement from my landlord but, because I pay low rent ($75), they didn’t consider it an issue. I took care of this stuff immediately afterwards so now all that’s left is to wait for my employers to redo the employment form & fax it to WINZ (or return it to me).

Other than the trouble above, I found out that I will only get a 1 week stand down period towards getting Job Seeker support. Not 2 or 13, 1 week. Basically, they considered my dermatitis as a good reason to leave my job (removing the 13 week stand down period) &, because I only work part-time & don’t earn very much, they put me under the standard period of 1 week instead. So, assuming I don’t get any holiday pay or the like, I’ll start receiving payments from WINZ around about the 24th, two days after my birthday 😎 . Sweet, now that the WINZ crap is mostly done I just need to find someone to give me a job.


2 thoughts on “WINZ sorted, kind of

    • Hmm… I’m honestly not really sure. My only criteria is that: I get enough to live on, it’s not too stressful, I work at daytime, & it doesn’t take up too much of my time per week; I’d rather work towards my own creative things then work for someone else all day. So far I’ve tried supermarkets, petrol stations, liqueur stores, & the like – nothing yet. The ideal “job” would be to get paid for making games & other creative stuff but I know I’ve got a long way to go before that happens.

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