First Lucid Dream


Finally got on to finishing my first written story in like six years. Yay! I had most of this story done for the past few weeks but it was only until recently that I bothered to finish it off. I’ve added the story as a new page within a new section called Dreams.

Oh, & let me be unprofessional for a moment. -ahem-. Holy Shit! Reading old dream journals bring back a lot of memories. I can’t believe my first lucid dream, the subject of the story, was my sixth entry in my first journal, back in late 2011. Since then I’ve only been lucid about six more times, the last one was over a year ago (crap! what happened?) & I’ve only been lucid for an average of ten seconds before waking up. I guess this is a sign I should take this more seriously.

Anyway, there are some things about this story & future dream stories I should mention (these points are taken from the Dreams page):

  • Dream logic – in dreams you pretty much believe anything & everything is normal.
  • Not 100% recollection – unfortunately I don’t have eidetic memory & I typically only write what generally happens when I wake up. This means I have to make up missing aspects of the story. Most of the time this is dialogue or text on objects I read in the dream (it’s surprisingly hard to recall these things if they didn’t have some kind of impact on you).
  • Sudden beginnings & endings –most of the dreams I remember are interrupted &, except for one I can remember, my dreams always begin in the middle of the action or as I’m arriving somewhere. This unfortunately means almost all of my dreams end with “I wake up” & don’t provide a satisfactory ending.
  • General weirdness – I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again, I dream of some weird crap. The only thing they have in common is that they all happened in my head (isn’t that the case for writers & all of their stories?).

Finally, here it is – The Keys to Lucidity.


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