On My Mind


Now that the WINZ stuff is mostly ready, all I can do now is wait until the day of the appointment (about a week from now). In the meantime I can job hunt (did that yesterday, didn’t find much) & go back to playing/designing/writing stuff about games & dreams. Yay.

Anyway, I have a mixed bag of things to share (ideas mostly).


First thing, decided to update my About page by adding contact info & random trivia about me (I don’t know, I guess I’m in a sharing mood).

Second, Three Moons. I’m honestly losing interest in continuing this project. I still like the idea of the map however I’d like to do something other than warcraft 3. It seems that only a few people are still playing warcraft 3 & I don’t know any of them, so I don’t really have anyone to play test with. I think I chose this project more because I had a flatmate who was playing warcraft 3 & I guess I got the buzz to do that from him. Now that he’s moved out, & because neither of us have played warcraft 3 in a while, I’d like to work on something else. However I don’t want to carry on my trend of not finishing what I started, especially now that I’ve done the map designs that took me far too long to do. Hmm…

Actually… what if I instead made this in RPG Maker? I would have to change about half of it but I think it could serve as a good first project for it. I’ll need to think about this before doing anything official. Opinions would be great.

On the topic of RPG Maker, for the past while, amongst other game ideas, I’ve been brainstorming about what my first RPG Maker project would be (if you ignore the previous paragraph). This is a makeshift intro I have for that idea:

Hobheim, the constructed world of the “childfolk”.
Here the Hob have exiled themselves from the old world.
Here they forge new inventions & practice magic.
Here they commune & clash with spirits.
& here they are safe from the wrath of mankind.

Why “childfolk”? Sticking to the default art of RPG Maker VX for the time being, the dominant art style depicts characters in “chibi” form that span a single tile, unlike the XP style that are two tiles tall. I can see these characters being children, dwarves or halfings, but I can’t take them seriously as human beings; they’re too out of proportion for me. My method of solving this is to depict a world where dwarves, gnomes, & the like take the place of human beings.

Humans, if they make an appearance in the game (I can imagine a main storyline where they do), would of course follow the XP style & spirits would be pretty much everything else, including all of those random encounters that appear out of nowhere (see, an in-game explanation for why they can do that 🙂 ).

Unity Project. If anyone remembers, I said back when I started Three Moons that I would have two projects going on simultaneously so that I could change to something else if I started getting bored of one of them. I said that the other one would be a basic Roguelike but so far I’ve done nothing towards that. The idea of doing a basic Roguelike just like what other people have done never really excited me, instead I’ve got a different idea I’d like to try.

It is a simplistic, asynchronous, turn-based RPG that focuses on open world exploration. The premise is you are an adventurer who has sailed to some unknown land. You travel around the land, find treasure, fight monsters, come across other encounters, & return to your ship when you’re done. Imagine Heroes of Might & Magic without towns or creatures to hire, & without a battlefield screen when you are in combat; essentially just the world map screen. Creature stats would be similar to those found in Magic: The Gathering. The unknown land would be procedurally generated.

Something like this screen.

Sounds like a, relatively, simple project to start Unity with while allowing me to go crazy on the idea. I’ve already played around with map generation in Unity before so it’ll probably be quicker than Three Moons (I hope).

A downside I can see is artwork. Unless some artist is willing to pitch in, I would have to make my own stupidly simple art (I don’t like the idea of using open source art, feels like stealing).

Anyway, those are the ideas that have been on my mind recently. I think I’m now done distracting myself from writing the lucid dream story again.

Sorry Patrick

I’ll leave you with a Buddhist poem I found a while ago by Kalu Rinpoche for you to ponder:

We live in illusion & the appearance of things.

There is a reality, we are that reality.

When you understand this, you will see “you” are nothing.

&, being nothing, you are everything.


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