Three Moons – Map Designs Done!


At last, I’ve redesigned the Mainland & Isles regions, made them fit together in the overall map, & uploaded them all. Now I can move on to implementing the map itself. Kick ass!

Final Map Design

Final Map Design

Just as I uploaded these images, I realised I forgot about the Hero Selection area. After staring at my laptop for a solid 5 seconds in disbelief, I remembered that this doesn’t need much space on the map. In fact, I could just squeeze it into one of the empty black spaces above. -phew-.



I won’t be implementing the map just yet, even though I’ve already made a start on it. A couple weeks ago I said I would complete my first lucid dream story before doing this so I intend to do that first.



Next: Story about my first lucid dream. After that, map creation. 🙂


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