Three Moons – Mainland Problem

Mainland Draft 2

Mainland Draft 2

I’ve encounter another snag, this time with the last two map designs for Three Moons. Looking at the above image, assuming you can decipher what colour means what, there’s nothing apparently wrong with it in my eyes, in fact I quite like how it turned out. However, once I add it to the overall map design the problem becomes more apparent.

Map So Far

Map So Far

As you can see, the Mainland region extends beyond the map boundary a bit. It seems I’ve miscalculated how much I was able to lengthen the Mainland region. Also I need to add paths connecting the lower areas to the rest of the Isles. Some of the lower areas look to be too close together so some adjustments may need to be made as well.

In my experience, this is pretty typical of software development. As I found during my projects at Polytech, things always seemed to take twice as long as I originally thought they would. Human beings have a tendency to be optimistic when making estimates, often because we think we would do things perfectly the first time around. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

I recall a way of estimating time from my Project Management course. The formula goes something like this:

Optimistic Estimate
+ (Realistic Estimate x 2)
+ Pessimistic Estimate
÷ 4
= a more accurate time estimate

If I were to apply it to the map designs: 2 days (assuming its the only thing I do in my spare time) + (5 days x 2) + 28 days (assuming I encounter life issues, lack motivation, want to do other things, & momentarily forget about this) ÷ 4 = 10 days from now. Sounds like plenty of time. Anyway, that’s my helpful hint of the week.

Next: Shorten the Mainland, alter the Isles a bit, & make sure they all fit within the overall map design.


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