Lost My Mods


Turns out that almost all of the mods I’ve made in the past are gone now. Crap! The only one I have left was for Doom which made the player four times more sensitive to damage. I could at least put that up on the portfolio page though I’d rather have more than that there. I don’t plan on adding anything else from Polytech there either.

Note: most of this post is pretty much a ramble about my past gone mods.

It’s not like I made any serious mods. All of the ones I did were for personal use & the only games I really modded were Doom & Oblivion. Modding for Oblivion was done way back when I went to high school & they all disappeared long ago. The only mod I really remember doing was one to add extra music folders/playlists that would play in certain areas; I had added a crap load of music to the game back then which only suited certain areas of the game. This used an existing OBSE mod & served as my first go at scripting anything ever. I think I also did some retextures & used Blender to make a blue sword that looked crap in-game.

The ones for Doom, which required ZDoom to run, were pretty straightforward to make. They consisted of simple things like:

  • Editing enemies. One mod just changed the blood splatter colour to match what the sprites had (all blood splatters were red by default). Another added attack patterns to make them less predictable, e.g. Hell Knights may claw/green projectile thing you three times in quick succession; Mancubus may fire both cannons directly at you as well as do their routine “V” attack pattern; Cyberdemons may pause for a moment, making three beeps, before launching a homing missile; etc. Simply put, I prefer fighting a few smart enemies over a horde of idiots (I’m not much of a fan of horde/slaughter maps).
  • Editing & adding weapons. This included adding an alternate single fire & reload option for the double barrel shotgun & an Omega BFG that switched firing modes between the three most widely known versions of the BFG.
  • Sprite retextures & edits including uniform armour colours for the zombies, player skins based on the original Doomguy sprites, & some for the attack patterns mod above.

I’m kind of tempted to remake some of the Doom mods. I don’t recall them being hard to make. I think I had more trouble with editing the sprites than anything else.

Then again, I still need to finish the map designs for Three Moons. It feels like I’ve been saying it over & over again but I am still working on it; if you don’t believe me see the preview below. I aim to get the last two regions done & dusted over the next couple days. Stay tuned, I guess.

Work-in-progress of Mainland Region

Work-in-progress of Mainland Region

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