Been busy with life for once so…


I probably should have done this way back when I started this blog but I’ve now added a page featuring my past work. So far its only stuff I did during Polytech but I’ll be adding a few more things soon. I guess this is where future small mods will go as well.
I was wanting to put up my program that generates & solves a perfect maze but, while it does work, I’ve encountered a few minor problems with it. If anyone really wants to see it just let me know.

This week has been busier than usual for me so I haven’t done much towards the Three Moons map. I’ve also been more interested in pursuing other ideas lately. I don’t know if that means I should take a break from Three Moons or if I should continue just as I’m about to end the planning/designing phase. I still want to get this thing done but I don’t want to loose the drive for it.

I guess this is a good time as ever to re-evaluate my personal projects. My current plan is this:

  1. Completing the last map designs for Three Moons.
  2. Finish & put up that lucid dream story I started a while ago.
  3. Create the Three Moons map while other ideas keep bombarding my head.

The Unity Roguelike project probably won’t be happening for quite a while. In truth RPG Maker has been in my head more than Unity lately. While I do find programming engaging & interesting I find that bringing my imagination to life is far more satisfying. With RPG Maker I can do that without spending much of my time building up the background system. Also when I compare a basic Roguelike to a small scenario for a potential RPG world the later sounds more exciting. I know the Roguelike was only planned to be a stepping stone towards better projects but… well, I guess I’m too impatient.

Other ideas on my mind include a comic/manga (not really serious about this one but a few ideas keeps returning) & a roleplay fanfic of a game, maybe Baldur’s Gate or Oblivion (I’d like to get a better computer before doing Skyrim. I’ve also got a basic story in mind for Oblivion). Then again I’m not sure about this, I’ve read that while players may enjoy roleplaying as a character in a game they often don’t make for good stories. Also there’s no point in writing any stories if I can’t finish the story I mentioned earlier right.

Hmm… seems like my mind has gone back to what it was like before starting this blog. So many things I want to create right now yet no discipline to stick to one project. Some opinions on these might be helpful.


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