Three Moons – Isles Initial Design & Hero Tavern


Here’s my current design of the Isles region, although due to the overcompensation of the Misc area I mentioned last week I plan on expanding & altering this area a bit. Simply put, I want to keep the proportions I originally had between the Mainland & Isles about the same (12:9 to 16:12 areas of interest).

Isles First Draft

Isles First Draft

I’ve also gone ahead & made a start on the actual map itself. This is so I know just how much space is actually needed for hero selection, which seems to be very little. I’ve been following this tutorial on Hero Taverns which is what the four buildings below are used for. Given that there are 16 planned heroes, a single tavern won’t have enough button slots for them all. Having four buildings also allow for future expansion while showing which heroes match which alignment. Not much but it feels good to start the map itself instead of doodling & GIMPing designs.

In World Editor

In World Editor



The tutorial above has also served as a crash course in learning how triggers in Warcraft 3 work. I’m a bit thrown off by it as I’m used to writing out code but in Warcraft 3 triggers are assembled via dropdown boxes. While this ensures there’s no chance of syntax errors it means I need to know exactly which options are hidden behind other options if I’m to follow what is said in the tutorial. Turns out the only trigger I may use is the random hero option since no triggers are required to get a building to sell you a hero.

Last minor thing. In creating the heroes, other than changing the aesthetics of some of them I’ve also changed the way some of them regenerate HP. This mostly applies to a couple of the “undead” heroes as they only regenerate on blight; something this map won’t have much of.

Still need to change some things like hero names.

Still need to change some things like hero names.

Next step: finish the damn designs



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