Three Moons – City & Overall Map So Far


Alright, finished the City region map design; might have gone a bit overboard with this one.



Before I move on to the last two regions I think it’s worth seeing how the entire map currently looks.

Map So Far

Map So Far

So far so good. Remember that the space on the far left was planned for miscellaneous features. Hero selection & secret areas are the only things I can think of that fit that category. Hero selection will likely follow the “tavern” method found in several other maps; I don’t see the selection area taking up much space. Given the abundance of empty space in the various regions, I think I can squeeze the secret areas in there instead; oddly seems more appropriate that way. I don’t plan on doing any cinematics or cut-scenes outside of a simple intro/outro (fade in/fade out with text type thing) so I won’t need to reserve any space for those.

Looks like there might be more space than expected for the Mainland. Sweet, I can expand the initial design to use the remaining space & make it feel less cramped. Next up, the last two regions: Isles & Mainland.


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