Forest, Keys, & Snow


Okay, three things of interest this week.

Three Moons – Forest Design

This week’s design is the Corrupt Forest. Three regions left to go (I foresee these last three being done within the next fortnight).

Corrupt Forest

Corrupt Forest

Next up is the City region which is probably going to be the most complicated region to create as it will easily have the most scripting involved. In a way it’s just like the other regions (random encounters, region boss) but it’s also different in that it has its own form of law enforcement, the City Guard. I want the City Guard to be a neutral faction that is suspicious of the players but will tolerate their presence, most of the time. Hence, they should only attack creeps & “arrest” heroes they witness breaking the city law (e.g. if they see them attacking non-creeps or trespassing within the City Keep area). There will be the odd encounter with a corrupt guard or group of guards that will want to imprison your hero; aggressive action may lead to the whole faction coming after you. When Guard units kill your hero, they will instead respawn at the City Jail instead of… wherever they would originally have respawned at (mental note: decide default respawn location for heroes when they die; starting locations?).

I also want there to be the possibility of a player replacing the City Baron (the region boss) as leader of the region & to allow the title to switch between players. I may set this as the owner of the hero carrying a certain item (e.g. Baron’s Seal) or the player who controls the throne in the City Keep area; maybe a combination. The benefits of being the City Baron include: the City Guard never attacking your units, you can make an order for a patrol of Guards to “arrest” a unit belonging to a player (only one order attempt can be made at a time) & you can hire Guards for free (I foresee full control of the City Guard faction leading to major balance issues). I wonder if I should add similar benefits to the other regions (my brain is screaming yes!).

Finally, while thinking about the services the City provides, I’ve decided many of the random places of interest that allow heroes to hire units will appear in the City instead of the Overland regions. Other planned services include: Shipyard (boats), Blacksmith (equipment type items), High Temple (blessing), Enchantress (random effect on hero), Arcane Masonry (“tiny Stronghold” type items), Market (random items + “pack mule” type units), & Black Market (more powerful random items, however buying/selling items here is considered unlawful).

First Story

Let me get this off my chest. -ahem-. Holy shit! Reading previous dream journals brings back a lot of memories. I didn’t realize that I became lucid on my sixth entry into my first dream journal (I haven’t been properly lucid since last year! Man I’ve been slack).

Anyway, I have most of the story drafted up. I’m being very slow with writing this thing, especially on filling in the missing gaps. I don’t want to hand wave the missing parts with a general sentence like “I went through these areas & found these”, I want to fill them in with something more tangible. When I’ve got it done I’ll set-up a page for it titled “The Keys to Lucidity” under a new Dreams or Stories section.


… Yeah, that happened on Friday. Unfortunately I had work at 3am that day. I ended up driving to work just as it started. Slid twice on the way back home (don’t worry Mum, the car’s fine). At least I was able to get groceries & didn’t get stuck like the guy I slid to a park behind. Here’s a crappy photo to prove the snow happened.

Snow outside my window, taken using laptop camera

Snow outside my window, taken using laptop camera

Next up: City & Overland map designs, finish first dream story.


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