Three Moons – Map Designs, about halfway there



This week I continued creating maps via GIMP based on my initial sketches & adding more detail as I went. What I have done so far is: Ziggurat, Outland, Highlands, & Crypt; as usual these can be found in the Three Moons section. Note that the final result will likely be slightly different from the images shown here (in fact I can’t help but contemplate what I’ll use to fill in those empty spaces). These designs will make do as a starting point to make sure I’ve got all the major parts sorted.



I was hoping to complete all the map designs by the end of this week but I quickly realized it wasn’t a healthy goal to pursue without rushing through it. While I enjoy doing this I don’t want this to become like Polytech where I literally only did assignments all the time. I want to make this process fun for as long as I can so perhaps it’s better to pace myself.



Next up, GIMP out the last four regions (Mainland, Isles, City, & Corrupt Forest), but before that I’d like to write a story about my first lucid experience. That or more Warcraft 3 “research” (isn’t it awesome that playing games counts as research 🙂 ).


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