Where are those dreams I talked about?


I realize I haven’t really written about my dreams yet. Sure, I’ve been recording my progress with game development (more on that soon) but I haven’t done anything towards developing my storytelling skills. A part of me is still afraid to write, or at least to write stories. But, hell, if this is the kind of thing I want to be good at I got to start doing it. Real courage comes from doing what you’re afraid of right?

Choosing a dream to write about won’t be a problem, I’m onto my third dream diary so there’s plenty of weird stories to choose from. Some dreams that come to mind include:

  • My first lucid experience (my cousin feels bad about this dream because <SPOILER ALERT> he tries to punch me in the crutch a couple of times)
  • My matrix-style fight with my, at the time, social studies teacher
  • A strange goth woman who tele-flings me into the “monkey zone” of a city
  • The Buddhist monk & a giant cartoon hovering black ram
  • The colour coded knights who ride a giant flying whale (I guess I’ve been listening to too much Gojira)

Okay, probably not the kind of stories I want to be known for but its something to start with. I dream about some weird crap. 😯

3 thoughts on “Where are those dreams I talked about?

  1. I think it’s great you can remember your dreams. Although I have no experience analyzing dreams, these would certainly be fascinating.

    Keep challenging yourself and extending yourself beyond the zones of comfort. You will mess up plenty, however, you will also learn, develop and grow the experiences. This adds great quality to life.

    • Wow, its been a long time since I’ve looked at these dreams. While I acknowledge that dreams tend to be based on our thoughts & waking life experiences, I believe the meaning of a dream is up to the dreamer.

      I don’t have the same dream recall as I used to, but I have made more recent steps towards writing again (more oriented towards ‘interactive fiction’ ideas). Still finding it easy to fall out of projects though.

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