First Warcraft 3 Map, a.k.a. Three Moons – Planning pt. 2


Hi, this week I’ve been slowly ironing out the details of my first Warcraft 3 map.

First off, I’ve finally decided on a name, Three Moons. The name comes from the campaign item Key of Three Moons, which I believe appears in the Reign of Chaos undead campaign & is assembled by finding three Mooncrystals. Just like Talisman, the Key of Three Moons will be the MacGuffin required to get MacGuffin #2; still don’t have a name for this one. I chose this item as the name has less of a tie to Warcraft lore, as opposed to items like the “Skull of Gul’dan”, & there are two other items, Mooncrystal & Parital Key of Three Moons, that allow me to extend the game a bit by adding an extra goal to assemble the Key of Three Moons rather than just find it. I’ll need to play test the map first to see if I’ll add this.

Second, I’ve discovered you can make pages as well as posts in WordPress & I’ve created some pages where you can find more details about the map. These pages will serve as a “living” design document for this project which I’ll update as I go. I’ll probably do something like this for my other projects.


3 thoughts on “First Warcraft 3 Map, a.k.a. Three Moons – Planning pt. 2

    • A MacGuffin is a plot device typically in the form of an object a character is after. Its normal for a MacGuffin to serve as the main driving force in a story & yet have little explanation, it’s simply there as a motivator. An example is the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

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